New Releases for May 2017!

We are excited to announce our new releases, including non-fiction, coffee table, and children’s! Find your new favorite book this month below!


TOGETHER TUMMY By Julie Tupler, RN Diastasis recti (the separation of the outermost abdominal muscles) is a condition that is not well known throughout the medical community. Together Tummyprovides natural techniques you can do at home to reverse and prevent health problems associated with Diastasis recti. PARKOUR ROADMAP By Max Henry The Parkour Roadmap is the first written guide to Parkour history, culture, and technique. Bringing together information from the world’s best Parkour athletes and coaches, The Parkour Road Map is an indispensable tool for novices and advanced practitioners alike.

Coffee Table Books

WORLD OF CHILDREN AND YOUTH By Charles Beck This book is designed to encourage children and youths to compose their own photo-inspired poetry. It contains several hundred photos taken on five continents. In addition to the author’s own poems, over 250 cited authors are also integrated. The book also contains helpful suggestions for young people, parents, and teachers for encouraging photo-inspired poetry.

Children’s Chapter Books

DREAM CATCHER By Diane Balda Things are going well for Josh and Tim on the family ranch, until water from the Puyallup River starts overflowing toward the barns! Their dad is out town and the roads are blocked from ice and snow. Will Josh and Tim be able to keep the ranch safe all on their own?

Children’s Picture Books

WILLIAM’S WONDERING WEEK By Jacqueline Klouda What is William’s mom really doing all day while he’s at school? Going to the park? Watching movies? Playing with his toys?! What will his runaway imagination think of next? WHERE’S AUBIE?  By Erin Lough and Mave Lough Duke Follow Auburn’s spirit leader, Aubie, as he explores his favorite college campus UNIQUELY BRAVE By Trace Wilson Sometimes to overcome your challenges, all you need is bravery. Follow one little boy as he proves that a little bit of courage can go a long way and shows his friends what it means to be brave! COUNTDOWN ‘TIL MOMMY COMES HOME By Kristin Ayyar This is the story of a little boy waiting for his mommy to come home from a trip. To make things easier, his family comes up with a collection of rituals to help him feel connected to his mommy while she is away. PRISONER .147 By Diane S. Mautner Prisoner #147 is a children’s book about a mischievous raccoon’s antics around his neighborhood. With its amusing text and wonderful illustrations, Prisoner #147 is an exciting adventure for readers both young and old. TALL TALES FOR SMALL PEOPLE: A GIANT BULLY By Alison Buehler Ordinary brothers John and Sam are awakened one night by a singing elf, who tells them that his brother has been captured by a giant bully. Join them on their magical adventure in the first of the Tall Tales for Small People series as they learn an important lesson about standing up to bullies. TALL TALES FOR SMALL PEOPLE: A DREADFUL DRAGON By Alison Buehler In the second book in the Tall Tales for Small People series, brothers John and Sam are once again called upon to rescue Princess Running Foot from the clutches of a giant dragon! Join them on their magical adventure as they learn an important lesson about never underestimating the little guys. CRITTER FIRE RESCUE By Albert Suarez Critter Fire Rescue is a children’s book about a group of animal firefighters. They might be small, but they know how to do their job! Following the Critter Fire Rescue squad, readers will learn all about firefighters and how to work as a team. ANITA’S STORY: COMPASSION IS NOT A CRIME By Ryan Phillips When Anita gave water to a pig, she never expected she would be in danger of going to jail. This is Anita’s story of how her compassion challenged the world to become a better place for all animals. WHEN CLOUDS EMBRACE By: Maria Kostaki Three-year-old Lucas is afraid of thunder but doesn’t want to tell his parents about it. When he does, his father comes up with an exciting, magical way to help him face his fears. With rich, warm illustrations, When Clouds Embrace teaches children to not be afraid of confiding in their parents and overcoming fears with education. I WANT TO DRAW I WANT TO PAINT By Marilyn Traeger Marilyn Traeger, twice recognized as Florida’s Outstanding Art Teacher, collects the artwork of The Fund 4 Design & Art Education award winners and student volunteers in the pages of this gorgeous, inspiring book.   THE MALLARD FAMILY By W.R. Biebel
Meet Mack, a little duck who learns a hard lesson. When it’s time for his family to go south, he doesn’t want to go. Little does he know, his stubbornness will put him in a slippery situation!
DON’T LET THE BED BUGS FIGHT By Alexandra Stevens When Grandma tells me, “Don’t let the bed bugs fight!” I have to figure out what’s wrong! Why are they fighting and how can I help them get along? WHERE IS MY HAIR?! By Shannon Joy Rojo and Napoleon are a real life llama and alpaca pair raised in Vancouver, Washington. They are both therapy animals that go off the farm weekly as furry ambassadors of their species, sharing love and kindness inside nursing homes, schools, and even hospitals! But that’s not all they do! In Rojo: Where is My Hair?go on adventure with Rojo and Napoleon to find out what llama and alpaca hair (or fiber) is used for! Author Shannon Joy writes stories inspired by her real life llamas and alpacas. Joy loves to share the many fun and unique ways both llamas and alpacas are used, while also providing heartfelt messages. You can find out more about these amazing therapy animals and about Joy’s first book, Rojo: The Perfectly Imperfect Llama, at RojoTheLlama.com. WHATEVER HAPPENED TO MRS. BUNNY’S BAKERY? By Enpo Tu In the parable tradition of Animal Farm, Whatever Happened to Mrs. Bunny’s Bakery follows the struggles and trials of Mrs. Bunny as she takes her simple muffin bakery and turns it into a large publicly traded corporation, discovering the ups and downs of capitalism along the way. THE ADVENTURES OF PUGLEY BEAR By Sol Regwan Pugley Bear loves to sing and play his guitar for everyone in the Bronx Zoo! But his happy life is interrupted by the arrival of his new baby sister, Hinda Bear, and her amazing singing voice. With everyone paying attention to his new sister, Pugley Bear becomes convinced that no one cares  about him anymore and decides to run away from home. It’ll take a wise owl and a collection of forest creatures to make Pugley Bear realize that he’s wrong about his new sister and that he needs her, just as she needs him. Together, with brother and sister sharing the spotlight, Pugley Bear and Hinda Bear will be unstoppable—as long as Pugley Bear can make it home! LEGEND By Julie McAlpin Legend is a children’s fantasy book about a battle between the forces of good and evil. When an evil army invades, it will take the strength of one young girl to save the world. Meet the seven-fingered girl. NIKO AND HIS MAGICAL EAR MUFFS By Danielle DiGiorgio and Steven Formaro Join Niko on a magical treasure hunt! What will he ask for when given only one special wish? MARJORIE SUE AND THE PINK BULLET By Rebecca Morgan Marjorie Sue and her classmates are learning about friction and gravity. Their teacher has scheduled a race for them at the Whirly Race Track. Marjorie Sue and her dad build the ‘Pink Bullet,’ and the race is on! Will Marjorie Sue be the first to cross the finish line? MARJORIE SUE AS STAR OF THE WEEK By Rebecca Morgan It’s Marjorie Sue’s turn to be “Star of the Week” at Young Elementary School! Join her for a week filled with fun as she tells all about her family, her adorable pet, and her super fast racecar!


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