New Releases for October 2017!

It’s officially fall! Kick off the season by sitting down with a warm latte and a good book. We have great new releases this month, including inspiring memoirs, riveting fiction, and even some Halloween-themed books.


Up All Night: From Hollywood Bombshell to Lingerie Mogul, Life Lessons from an Accidental Feminist by Rhonda Shear

Slip on your satin pajamas, pull back the covers, and slide into bed with everyone’s favorite late-night bedtime buddy, Rhonda Shear! You know her as the smart-sexy hostess of USA: Up All Night, but did you know Rhonda was a New Orleans beauty queen? A candidate for office? A standup comic? An award-winning “bimbopreneur”? A rule-breaking feminist?

She’s been all that and more, and in this funny, naughty, candid book, Rhonda finally shares the unforgettable story of a woman who was always “too something”—too pretty, too funny, too ethnic, too blonde—to achieve anything, but who ended up achieving everything. Packed with vivid characters, hilarious stories, and wisdom for women of all ages, Up All Night proves that when it comes to achieving your dreams, the only voice that matters is your own.

Raising America’s Zoo: How Two Gorillas Helped Transform the National Zoo by Kara Arundel When Arthur “Nick” Arundel returned to Washington, D.C. from a safari in the Belgian Congo with two baby gorillas in tow, he and the animals brought change with them to the National Zoo. The wild apes came to an antiquated zoo, which had wanted to showcase gorillas for decades but knew very little about how to raise them. The journey from Africa to America was just the beginning of the huge changes in store for the gorillas and for the zoo that would evolve from a mere animal park to an internationally respected center focused on conservation of species—a zoo that would become “America’s zoo.” Raising America’s Zoo shares the triumphs and heartbreaks of this first generation of gorillas and the caretakers who worked tirelessly to make the National Zoo home for the apes. Witness Nick Arundel’s story, a tale of a man who at first celebrated the gorillas’ capture, then grew to regret his reputation as a “gorilla hunter” and spent the rest of his days as an animal conservation advocate. Experience the National Zoo’s struggle to preserve the western lowland gorilla, a species that is moving closer to becoming extinct in the wild due to habitat destruction, disease, and poaching. The zoo community’s mission to save the gorillas may be more important now than ever before. Our Last Seder by Arnie “Tokyo” Rosenthal
Tragedies hit us when we least expect them. It’s always someone else experiencing the horrific, the unthinkable. But when Arnie “Tokyo” Rosenthal is faced with disaster, the unthinkable becomes real.
Our Last Seder is the true story of ten-year- old Arnie’s introduction to mortality and the consequences that follow.
Ten Generations of Byrds in America: From Virginia to Alabama and Back by Manuel H. Johnson Jr. In this book, Manuel H. Johnson Jr. traces his direct line of Byrd ancestors from a common grandfather with the Westover Byrds who lived in England. He points out that the first Byrd to occupy Virginia, possibly as early as 1635, was this man’s son and uncle of the original Westover Byrd. In a fascinating account, he follows these Byrd ancestors for ten generations as they first settle in Virginia, then migrate to North Carolina, and finally relocate to Alabama. Along this family journey, Johnson takes us through the Byrds’ survival of Bacon’s Rebellion, battles during the American Revolution, and tragedy during the American Civil War. The author also paints an engrossing picture of Byrd family struggles throughout the reconstruction era in Alabama and then brings us into the 20th century with this extraordinary story. In the final chapter, we are provided a firsthand account of the author’s return to Virginia and the almost eerie reconnection with his Westover Byrd relatives.


West of Hell by Whiskey Emerson
In 1874, New York looked like a much different city. It was a hellish, machine-fueled metropolis controlled by violence and corruption. New York City was a place where no life was sacred… a place not fit for the faint of heart.
It is, however, home for Thomas, a seventeen-year-old blacksmith who is grappling with the disappearance of his mother, Mary. His distant guardian is known as the Madame, an intriguing brothel owner who gives Thomas guidance as he navigates the city. While trying to find his mother, Thomas uncovers letters from his long-lost father, Edward, and when the two reunite, Thomas decides to go to England with him in search of a new life.
Back in New York, Madame and her right-hand man Louis find themselves at the mercy of Tammany Hall, an infamous organizaiton run by the most powerful men in the city, including the notorious Richard Croker. When the two discover that Mary’s disappearance was not accident, Madame strikes a deal with Croker, bargaining for both Thomas’s life and her own.
When Thomas returns to New York eight years later, he reunites with old friends and thrives as a partner in Edward’s shipping company. But after his father makes a terrible mistake while investigating Mary’s death, tragedy strikes. Thomas loses what matters most to him and, as a result, gains a thirst for vengeance against Croker and Tammany Hall. And with the help of his Edward’s old Master, Thomas intends to bring hell to anyone who stands in his way.


The Haunted Pumpkin Patch by Lazaro Garcia Little Leanne doesn’t know what’s in store for her yet, but her curiosity leads her on a dark and sinister journey into the hidden world of the Haunted Pumpkin Patch. She meets interesting characters and one true friend, who tries to help her escape from that terrifying place and the clutches of its ruler. Come join Little Leanne on her Halloween adventure and see if she ever gets out of the Haunted Pumpkin Patch! Trick or Treat! The Witch’s New Britches by Tracy Watland
Delores DeBoris McCackler Pout has her witchy eyes on a new pair of underwear this Halloween! Will she be able to get her hands on the last pair, or will another witch be the lucky one? Find out in this Halloween tale from Tracy Watland!

Coffee Table Books

Fences in the Landscape Talk: Are We Listening? Written by Lawrence S. Hamilton, Edited by Linda S. Hamilton, Poetry by Marie Riley This book will change the way you look at the landscape. You will start noticing fences more. And you will wonder about why they are there, who built them, and why. You will notice how they are built and from what materials. In other words, you will pause and listen for the interesting stories fences can tell. You may be quite surprised at what you learn. Larry Hamilton’s charming photographs from around the world highlight both familiar and unfamiliar types of fences. With historic background information and commentary that is sometimes whimsical and sometimes provocative, he invites you to observe and reflect. As you think about the stories embedded in fences, you may see parallels between the physical fences we build and the psychological and cultural barriers we erect between ourselves. Realistically, the effectiveness of both is limited and temporary—because no fences are permanent. With time, all fences do break down. And understanding this may influence the fences you yourself build or do not build in your own life.

Children’s Books

Violet and Beaumont by Abby Rupert Baus What happens when a Shetland pony meets a Monarch butterfly? They become best friends! Get caught up in the beauty of nature with Violet and Beaumont as their unlikely friendship grows. They’ll find out what true friendship means when Beaumont migrates for the winter, and Violet learns that even small ponies can do big things for their friends! So come along with Violet and Beaumont and you’ll be sure to smile as you learn all about their inspiring story. And who knows, maybe if you look around and listen, you’ll find a new friend waiting for you too! The United Forest of Kind by Anne Grall Reichel When Squirrel senses that things have changed in the once kind and gentle forest where she raised her family, she endeavors to get to the root of the problem. Beautifully illustrated and passionately written, The United Forest of Kind reminds us that compassion can be found in even the smallest of actions. Candy Land is in Trouble by Leila O’Brien Candy Land is a wonderful place until an unexpected visitor shows up and turns the world upside down. Can the citizens of Candy Land protect the home they love so dearly? Can Candy Land be saved?
Hanuman Moves a Mountain by Amy Maranville
In this retelling of a well-loved Hindu story,
Hanuman will use all his power to save the life of a friend, and Harini will learn a valuable lesson about loyalty,
devotion, and using your strength for good.
Harini and Padmini Say Namaste by Amy Maranville Join Harini and Padmini for yoga! Miss Janani will teach the class about the ancient spiritual history of yoga, along with some asanas (poses). It’s Padmini’s first yoga class, and she doesn’t know most of the poses, but she cannot wait to learn. Come learn with her! Big Boy Nate Adventures: First Football Roadtrip by Nate Livings and Christopher Roberson Big Boy Nate and his dad are headed out on their first road trip together! They can’t wait for a day filled with fun, football, and family. Come along with Nate on this first of many adventures in the Big Boy Nate Adventures series. Sue’s Sunrise Surprise by Susan Broesche For Sue, a little girl from Texas, a love for her horses comes naturally. So when she sees something mysterious in the pasture, she has to discover what is out there with the animals that she loves so much. What do You Believe, Mama? by Ann Bilodeau A child’s curiosity and honesty of thought are truly a joy to behold! But the traditions of religion can be difficult for children to understand. Parents with a freethought philosophy look for books to help support their views. This is that book—a story with a positive message that encourages children to think for themselves, accentuated by the playful drawings of artist Stanley Burford. Mason the Bull by Crystal Day Bullied his whole life for his white face, Mason starts Valedor Academy determined to become The Valedor. But when things don’t go as planned and he meets Daring Dolly, a traveling and carefree cow, he must decide whether to leave with her or continue following his dream at the Academy. Peg the Pie Lady Comes to Town by Peggy Goodman When Peg’s pie truck rolls into Our Little Town, excitement and good cheer fill the warm spring air. The delicious aroma of freshly baked pies brings everyone together–even grumpy Mr. Johnson! What kind of pie would you order from Peg’s pie truck? ‘Twas the Night Before Bayou Classic: A Tiger’s Tale by Andrea Brew Take a look from the other side of the field in Andrea Brew’s follow-up to her debut children’s book, ‘Twas the Night Before Bayou Classic. On the eve of the legendary game, a family of Grambling State University fans are preparing to cheer on the Tigers when a surprise visitor knocks at their door. Smartly written and beautifully illustrated, ‘Twas the Night Before Bayou Classic: A Tiger’s Tale is a must-read for fans of the Bayou Classic and beyond. What is a Musical Note, Do You Know?
by Mizzi Layne Hello friend! Did you know we can both hear and see musical notes? If we listen to someone sing, we are hearing a lot of notes. If we look in a music book, we are seeing a lot of notes. But music is more than just hearing or seeing notes; In between notes we hear and see silence too! We can see silence with a symbol called a rest. If we form different patterns of sound and silence, notes and rests, We can create all kinds of wonderful music!
Campfire Stu and the Backwoods Jamboree by Mike Struwin Meet Campfire Stu, a creative, adventurous boy who loves music and playing outside. Running away from home to avoid his chores, Stu sets out into the woods to meet new friends and start a band, but his travels are beset by moral dilemmas and challenges that Stu is forced to solve. With vibrant hand-drawn illustrations The Backwoods Jamboree is a must read and a must listen with the accompanying music and audiobook. Come along on a musical walkabout with Campfire Stu and friends. I Wish I Was Big by Kelly Jean Lietaert Have you ever wanted to do something and were told that you couldn’t because you were too small? Lizzie has some big plans, but her mommy inspires her to enjoy her life as it is today. As her eyes open to all of the fun things she can do right now, you will be encouraged too! There’s Something Pokey in my Shoe by Kelly Jean Lietaert Lizzie has a full day of fun planned, but then things start going downhill! Will she be able to remain patient, ask for help, and keep a positive attitude? There’s Something Pokey in My Shoe is a great reminder for all ages that if we remain calm and make the right choices instead of stomping our feet in frustration, there’s nothing we can’t overcome! Suzie Sunshine: The Adventures of a Sweet and Sassy Ladybug by Danelle Matlack
Suzie Sunshine: The Adventures of a Sweet & Sassy Ladybug tells the story of the unlikely friendship between Suzie, a sweet and sassy ladybug who is seeking adventure, and Ella, a friendly young girl from Philadelphia. This story encourages young readers to have confidence and try new things. Suzie demonstrates how unlikely friendships often lead to the best adventures!
A portion of this book’s proceeds will be donated to Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation for Childhood Cancer.

Children’s Board Books

Ben’s New Hat by Paola Curley Encourage the little ones in your life to embrace new experiences with the wide-eyed Ben as he embarks on an exploration of the world with his new cranial band. Written with unfeigned purpose and vividly illustrated, Ben’s New Hat helps children discover that change can be fun!
by Robert Barnhart Lull your children to sleep through the wonders of five fantastic fairies and their tale that practices the important values of love and positivity. Phoebe’s Five Little Fairies is a perfect bedtime read, richly illustrated and accompanied by its soothing lullaby.

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