New Releases for February 2018!

Happy February! We have a diverse range of new reads for you this month, and we’re excited to share our latest in fiction, nonfiction, self help, photography, graphic novels, and more!


Enemy in the Wire by Andy Symonds with Navy SEAL Chris McKinley

This riveting thriller gives the reader an up-close, behind-the-scenes look at the elite SpecOps brotherhood and how they operate in the vein of “American Sniper” or “Lone Survivor.” The heart-racing action sequences in Enemy in the Wire could only be relayed by a real Navy SEAL.

* * * The United States is under attack. A series of bombings has rocked the nation, and the FBI is scrambling to find the perpetrators before they strike again. Shockingly, initial evidence indicates that the well-skilled and well-armed terrorists could be coming from within our own military. Senior Chief (SEAL) Dan Westhead and his band of SpecOps brothers are used to whisking off anywhere in the world via sea, air, and land, stealthily killing their country’s enemies, and returning home without fanfare. That is their job—they are the silent professionals, and even if we don’t know their names, we sleep better at night knowing they protect our way of life. What they are not used to is being questioned as terrorists. But after another attack occurs in the nation’s capital targeting many of the people Westhead and his teammates blame for a catastrophic mission that killed 30 of their brothers, even he becomes convinced that some of the people he is closest to are to blame. When FBI Agent Seth Kopen’s investigation further implicates the top-secret black ops group, Westhead makes it his mission to discover the truth no matter how deep the conspiracy goes. After those inquiries point closer to home than he can imagine and he discovers the plot’s ultimate target—the President of the United States—he has to face a nearly impossible choice as to where his loyalties lie. With much more than just his own life at stake, Westhead has to make unimaginable decisions to protect his country and family and bring down a rogue operator in this fast-paced journey deep into the world of our country’s most elite warriors: Navy SEALs, Army Rangers, Delta Force, and MARSOC operators. Enemy in the Wire is a follow up to the critically acclaimed first novel by Andy Symonds, My Father’s Son. Wounds aren’t always followed by Purple Hearts, and the battle doesn’t necessarily stop on the front lines. This is the story of one boy, of one family, who has their world ripped apart by war. Enemy in the Wire takes you once more into the Butlers’ world. Andy Symonds is an award-winning author based in the Washington, D.C. area. He grew up in a Navy family on military bases throughout the world. Chris McKinley is a former Navy SEAL and the Amazon best-selling author of Undaunted: Life’s Toughest Battles Are Not Always Fought in a War Zone.


Breakup Positive: Turn Heartbreak Into Happiness by Kris Drewry So you broke up—now what? Maybe you’re feeling lost, maybe you’re feeling hurt, maybe you’re feeling unsure of what’s coming next… That’s all normal. But now what can you do about it? Breakup Positive is your guide to using the negative force of a breakup and changing it in guiding positive change in your life. It’s about finding yourself again and knowing that you’re okay—more than okay—and you can make yourself better and happier. Breakups hurt, but there’s always a way to be a little more positive. From Stilettos to Wings: A Life with Angels by Ani Eustice All her life, Ani Eustace has had experiences with angels. From being saved by her guardian angel, starting first when she was just a young girl, to being able to commune with the White Angels, Ani knows that these heavenly beings are all around us. They are here to protect and guide us. In Stilletos to Wings, Ani will teach you how to put yourself in touch with the vibrations of the angels and the universe in order to achieve the ultimate goal: aligning yourself with God’s energy.

Thomas Sweatt: Inside the Mind of a Serial Arsonist by Jonathan Riffe For 25 years, the serial arsonist Thomas Sweatt terrorized neighborhoods throughout the Washington D.C. metropolitan area. When at last he was arrested in 2005, he confessed to over 340 arson-set fires that claimed the lives of 4 people. Through years of research and combing through several hundred letters written by Tom, Jonathan Riffe has put together this in-depth, never-seen-before biography of the man named the “most prolific and dangerous serial arsonist in American history.” Behind the mask of this crazy, perverted, demented, killer serial arsonist is Thomas Sweatt, an African American homosexual loner in his late fifties who worked at various fast-food joints throughout his lifetime and turned Washington, DC, upside down into a living hell.  

Self Help

Resilience Art: A Grief Coloring Book Using Ritual and Music to Help You Grow by Elaine Voci
Elaine Voci, a life coach and Life-Cycle Celebrant©, offers this unique coloring book to provide comfort and support to those who are working their way through grief. Accompanying her personal stories and professional experiences with grief and grieving are 24 full-page coloring pages to use in reflection and your own grieving rituals, along with a curated list of resources to draw upon.
by Abigail Flynn
Where Do I Start? recounts and remembers the life of Vanessa C. Carbone. After her daughter’s sudden and unexpected death, Abigail Flynn journaled her thoughts and grief in hopes of helping others who have lost their loved ones find some comfort in therapeutic writing.


The Tiniest Gift by Marcela Limon Nothing is more precious than a baby’s smile. When Marcela Limon started taking photographs of babies, she was charmed by their smiles and their laughter. She established lemonshoots in 2015 and shortly afterwards decided that her passion was for maternity and newborn photography. She believes that with every session her soul shines brighter. Babies are full of love to share, and Marcela helps to share that love by capturing life’s early moments.


Simply Indian by Nita Desai For more than two millennia, western India has been a melting pot of cultures. A crossroads for Greeks, Persians, Arabs, Armenians, Portuguese, British, and many others, this region offers a diverse palate. From richly spiced chai to mouthwatering pakorta, from hearty daal to hand-rolled roti, the more than ninety fully-photographed recipes in Simply Indian are authentic, yet healthy and easy-to-follow, and bring the diverse tastes of western India straight into your kitchen.

Graphic Novels

Laughter is the Best Medicine by Nina Abelowitz During a recurrence of breast cancer, one woman turns to humor to help cope with the darkest moments of treatment in Laughter is the Best Medicine, the new comic narrative developed by Alice Meltzer and Zachary HandlerRaw and thought-provoking, this autobiographical compilation employs wry wit and compelling artwork to provide a candid glimpse into the complexities of life with cancer and redefine what it means to be a warrior in the modern world.


T is for Texas Tech by Robin Law Scurlark
F is for Fight Raiders Fight, N is for Never Dying Passion, T is for Texas Tech!
Follow along as T is for Texas Tech takes you through the alphabet and introduces you to all the special places, people, and sights of campus! Perfect for young and old fans alike to tap into the magic and spirit of Texas Tech.
by Charles Epting The never-before-told story of how Clem the Clemson Tiger got his stripes comes to life in this fun tale from Charles Epting. At long last the mystery will be put to rest…or will it?

Children’s Books

by Cary Gray Lucy’s family insists that Cary is just her uncle, but she knows better. She knows he’s really a snarling, stomping, stinking wild beast. Or is he? My Uncle is a Wild Beast teaches children the true importance of individuality. After all, we can be both wild and loving.
Willow the Water Bear by Houston Kidd Willow the Water Bear is on a quest to find a real-life superhero! Her journey will take her from the Antarctic to the deep ocean floor to outer space in this clever, scientifically minded story about how sometimes, the hero you’ve been looking for has been with you the whole time. Grandma Hearts: Grandmas by Dionne Kelm The Grandma Hearts series by Dionne Kelm explores the special bond grandparents share with their grandchildren. With heart-warming text and wonderful illustrations, children and grandparents alike will enjoy these stories and the important lessons they share.
Mylo the Panda Travels to Washington D.C. by Jim Heath Mylo has arrived in Washington, D.C. to learn all about how America became a colorful culture. Will this international traveler be able to see what truly makes it the land of the free and home of the brave? Lilly Esther Conquers the Worries by Phyllis Bordo All Lilly Esther can do is worry, worry, worry. She’s worried about monsters under her bed and she’s worried about the things in the dark. Lilly is worried about everything a person can possibly be worried about, and she can’t stop worrying about them! Will she be able to find a way to conquer her worries? A Children’s Book of Etiquette: The Adventures of Forkman by Tiffany Caldwell & W.R. Mackenzie
When poor manners are present, Forkman will be there to save the day! Join Kathryn and William as they learn how to set the table and clean up after dinner with the ever-charismatic Forkman in this exciting new children’s book from W.R. MacKenzie and Tiffany Caldwell. Creative, engaging, and refreshingly original, The Adventures of Forkman is a perfect introduction to etiquette for readers of all ages.

Who’s Can Fix It? by Leslie Ann MacKeen
A fun-filled (and pun-filled!) book for kids of all ages! Mr. Jeremiah T. Fitz has some car trouble on the way to his mother’s house but cannot seem to fix it. Different animals stop by to offer their assistance, and a surprising friend ends up saving the day. Bright illustrations and an abundance of laughs will make this book a favorite for your children. Leslie Ann MacKeen was only nine years old when the first edition of this book was published, and she hopes that her book will inspire your children to explore writing and drawing as their creative outlet.
Percy the Porcupine’s Anxiety By Rachel Fehr Percy the Porcupine is going to school! But he has a little problem… He’s worried! Percy is worried about everything. His anxiety gets so bad sometimes that he can’t move at all! But Percy’s teacher Miss Ever isn’t going to let Percy’s anxiety stop him. Follow along as Percy learns that a little courage and trust can go a long way. Indi-Alphabet by Bharat Babies
Bharat Babies and Shobha Tharoor Srinivasan take readers on a fun
journey from Ahmedabad to Zirakpur. We’ll sample yummy biryani,
search for wild orange tigers in animal reserves, learn about bejeweled Maharajas, and encounter the mighty Mughals. With whimsical verses and vibrant images, Indi-Alphabet brings to life an India both familiar and unfamiliar. All aboard!
The Impossible Winterbourne Presents… The Alphabots by Septimus Winterbourne The Impossible Winterbourne has just finished another clever and captivating collection of contraptions–the AlphaBots! From AquaBot to ZombiBot, these whimsical works of wonder come to life in this beautifully illustrated alphabet book sure to capture the imagination of any young inventor.
Whisper by Darren Reiley Whisper’s voice wasn’t always as quiet as it is today. She used to have a loud voice and used it–A LOT. With the help of her friend Moon’s Daughter, Whisper learns what can happen when you have peace, be still, and Listen, an excellent lesson for kids and adults alike.
Stella Finds Her Home by Will Baker Stella is homeless, but that’s no good! She wants to find a family to love instead of having to roam. Join Stella as she searches to find her forever home, where she knows that she belongs exactly where she should. S is the Most Delicious Sound by Michelle Marlow
Sam turns six today! He lives in Texas, he loves baseball… and he can’t say the S sound! What is Sam going to do? Then he meets SuperFrog who has the best S sound ever. Maybe he can help Sam learn how to have the confidence to say S.
Follow along with Sam as he works on the perfect sound—and gains some confidence along the way.
I Know Where There’s a Penny by Jason Robie
Everybody loves to find spare change, but what do you do when there’s no place else to look? I Know Where There’s a Penny teaches kids that the best way to get money is to earn it. Don’t just turn over couch cushions: take out the trash, do the dishes, volunteer to rake leaves, or help around the house. Soon you’ll be filling your piggy bank with savings, too!
Flap Your Wings, Little Robin by Andrea Legg
When a quiet little robin meets a new group of noisy friends living in the woods, he struggles to communicate with them. Will he discover a way to make his voice heard?
American Sign Language guide included.
A Tale of the Monkey Balloon by Rebecca Eisenberg and Mindy Winebrenner illustrated by Yuki Osada Uh-oh—Mimi’s Monkey Balloon has floated off! Where has it gone? Come along with Mimi as she looks for her Monkey Balloon in all her favorite bedtime story places! Where will Mimi find her lost balloon? The Stars Who Would Not Take a Bath
by  Priyanka Jain Seven stars in the Sky hate the water and refuse their baths for days! Soon, the Sky starts to smell and turns their world upside-down! Will it ever be the same?
By Jessica Brison
The first day of kindergarten can be so cool!
Except sending your kids to school can make you feel blue.
Being apart for the whole day can get you down,
But reuniting makes it all worth while and erases all those frowns!
by Matt Skuta Norman the bee is hard-working and kind and tries his best to help out around the hive. He’s just like every other bee… Except that his stripes are backwards! Even though he tries his hardest, the other bees in the hive treat Norman differently because of his stripes. Will Norman be able to find a home where his backwards stripes are accepted? Who’s Sleepy? by Summer Jackson Who’s Sleepy? is a fun, amusing story about a mother who tries desperately to get her twins to sleep and the lengths they go through to avoid it.

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New Releases for November 2017!

Happy November! This month we are releasing some wonderful new books for you to sit down with by the fireplace (hopefully after a big Thanksgiving dinner too!). We have a variety of titles coming out this month, ranging from a nonfiction, to cookbooks, to a diverse range of children’s books.


The Closer By Peggy Depuydt After a shooting in Lake Havasu City, Arizona, leaves 5 dead, the community reels to make sense of it. In this slice-of-life thriller, Peggy DePuydt explores how a few moments can change an entire community and be felt for years to come.


Who Am I If You’re Not You? By Lynn Thorne
Real-life couple Marika and Jennifer seem to have an idyllic marriage with a bright future in front of them, until Marika shares a revelation that changes their lives: she was meant to be a man.
As her wife transitions, Jennifer struggles to cope, and in the process faces her own personal demons: anorexia, self-harm, and debilitating depression. But the discoveries she makes throughout her struggle will define what it means to love, what it means to be married, and what it means to be yourself.
Channeled Phil Channeled Philosophy of the Evolution of the Consciousness By Craig Bowman Here, Dr. Bowman completes the Contemporary Revealed Philosophy (CRP) by presenting expected advancements in human ability and institutions, as the century unfolds. Optimistic forecasts do not fail to address societal pathologies that require action. This little accepted and understood perspective on evolution is then entered into important academic discussions in comparative religion, transpersonal psychology, and the new worldview debate, at a time when the materialistic paradigm in the West is crumbling. As a result, the reading gains a much clearer notion of what a new age really means.


Hoos in the Kitchen By Melissa Palombi Featuring recipes from staff, alumni, and other members of the Wahoo community, Hoos in the Kitchen is a celebration of the pride, culture, and passion for food that the University of Virginia community shares. From mouthwatering Ribollita, to crispy, pan-fired soft shell crabs, to Mr. Jefferson’s drinking chocolate, each recipe shares not only a taste of Charlottesville but a glimpse of the people who are the soul of the community.


By Evan Loomis & Levi Bethune
Rockets are awesome! Elon Musk thinks so too. Elon Musk has helped to revolutionize banking, transportation, energy, and of course space travel. But how did he get to where he is? And what fuels him to reach for the next big thing? This book is about rockets, but maybe it’s about something bigger, too.
Kinsey’s Kidney Adventure By Nadine Morsi Kinsey’s Kidney Adventure is an educational children’s book based on the real-life journey of a brave little girl who must confront the realities of organ donation after being diagnosed with a rare medical condition. Kinsey’s story teaches children the value of compassion, courage, and resilience in the face of hardship. Mallory Brown at Super Fun Town By David Disspain Come on in and hear the tale of Mallory Brown, and about her adventures in Super Fun Town. This intrepid young girl who had so much fun during her day at the park, she and her family decided to hide inside the gates after dark. But she soon finds Super Fun Town isn’t all that it seems, can plucky Mal save it from the clutches of a fiendish Queen?
By Chip Huddleston
Ahoy, Dread Naughties! Join the formidable Captain Snowbeard for the holidays this year in this swashbuckling Christmas adventure! Enlisted in Santa’s mission to deliver rotten fruitcake to all the children on the Naughty List, Captain Snowbeard sets sail with his eight flying sharks and most-trusted angler fish to light the way in this imaginative twist on a classic. Written with wit, humor, and lyrical mastery, Snowbeard the Pirate and the Naughty List is sure to be the smash hit of the season!Each book comes with a musical CD of the story, as told by an accordion-playing, salty old sea dog named Billy Bosun and his singing pirate crew. My Scientist Friends By Ravin Singh Every child is a scientist! Inspire a lifelong love of science and guide little ones on a whimsical journey to learn about scientists who changed our world. From Newton’s gravity insights to Einstein’s famous equation, help young minds discover the wonders of science and meet their scientist friends! Native American ABC By Lisa and Colten Lechowicz Created as a way for children to connect to the heritage and history of Native American culture, this vibrantly illustrated book provides a fun and educational glimpse into some of the many customs, trends, and ideologies that make it so incredible. A must-read for all ages, Native American ABC is a journey of aesthetics that delves into the origins of civilization, itself.
The Playground By Madeline Bodoh Follow along with Madison, an energetic two-year-old who loves the outdoors. Her days at the playground always tell a story, and today, she’s practicing her numbers while she plays! Keep up with Madison in future Dr. Bee Book Collection stories as Dr. Bodoh captures her new experiences, learning adventures, and personal growth. Penny the Pink Nose Poodle By Dana DiSante Join Penny on a journey to find her perfect forever home! Richly illustrated, the beloved tale of Penny the Pink Nose Poodle is a warm reminder to all that what makes us different from one another is also what makes us uniquely wonderful. Nittany Lion and Earth Day By Denise Kaminsky Nittany Lion wants to remind us that Earth Day is every day!

The Mouse in the House By Joseph and Courtney Duquette Three of nature’s rivals all live in a house. Natural born enemies, a dog and a cat and a mouse. They all fight and argue, but for how long? Don’t they know there are benefits of getting along? Join our trio of troubled friends to see if they can discover how working together helps everyone in the end! Stop bullying, work together, friends forever! The Book Report By Madeline Bodoh This story follows Tess, a third grader who is taking on her first big-girl school book report. She is excited about the opportunity to research the topic and share all of her new knowledge with her classmates and family. Follow along with Tess in future Dr. Bee Books to find out more about her learning experiences and personal growth! The Mystery of the Missing Chocolate Chips By Marie Pfeifer
Four friends who love hot fudge sundaes topped with chocolate chips at their favorite ice cream store, The Creamery, discover that the chocolate chips have gone missing. Despite warnings not to do any detective work, they plot and plan to find out who has been taking them.
What a surprise when they discover who the culprit is!
By Judi Haws Coburn & Sunee Haws Eardley
Cosmo™ is a baby cougar living on Y™ Mountain. One day, he hears a noise he has never heard before. What was that noise? It was BYU® Football! Join Cosmo™ on his journey down Y™ Mountain and into Lavell Edwards Stadium as this baby cougar becomes the mascot of BYU®!
By Kristin Dwyer
Lila is a curious little ladybug with dreams of making it to the big city. But in order to get there, she will need to earn her spots. Join her on a journey of self-discovery as she encounters creatures of all shapes and sizes along the way. Imaginative, profound, and beautifully illustrated, Lila the Ladybug Earns Her Spots is an empowering tale that reminds readers of all ages to never give up on their dreams.
By Michele Hilgart
“Super Jack” Murphy is a five-year-old superhero—at least in the magical world of his own imagination—who also plays soccer and doesn’t like to eat things that are green. When one of Super Jack’s real-life heroes, Coach Kevin, teaches him that superfoods like broccoli actually make you strong and healthy, his world is turned upside-down. Will Super Jack be brave enough to give it a try? Super Jack Eats His Broccoli is a fun, all-too-familiar story of courage in the face of new experiences. Encourage the superhero in your life to try something new in this fun and educational tale of heroism.
By Robert George
Being a Cubs fan sure can be hard, loss after loss keeps you on your guard. After 108 years, the misery is done. We now know winning is way more fun. So read along from A to Z as the Cubs (finally) make history!
By Nicole Diaz, Lisa Olmstead, & Kerey Olmstead
Scarlett Marie and her binky are as close as close can be! But then Stinky Binky disappears! What should Scarlett do? It’s a tragedy!
Panta Mimi: The Circus Girl By Kara Hofstede Standing out can be a challenge… Especially when you’re not yet sure what you’re good at. And most especially when your whole family is a circus… literally. Being unique can seem almost impossible, but everyone is born with a special talent—sometimes finding yours can be an adventure. Mr. C. Takes Manhattan By John Contratti Join Mr. C’s class as they go on a sightseeing adventure in New York City! Scottie, Cynthia, and the rest of the gang are back to learn about famous and exciting landmarks in the Big Apple. B.A.L.D.: Lillie’s First Day of School By Tijuana Collier & Khaila Ramey-Collier
Beauty Always Looks Different
It’s Lillie’s first day of school and she is very excited to start the new year. Throughout her day, she meets new friends who help her appreciate what makes everyone special and what it truly means to be B.A.L.D. Join Lillie on the first installment of her many adventures!
By Mike Resh
After a difficult morning, Otto struggles with having positive interactions with his friends at school. He learns that his friendship struggles are due to him doing things backwards compared to what a true friend would do, or being a “Dneirf.”
With the help of his peers and school counselor, Otto is able to turn his day around and move in the right direction toward becoming a true, or forward friend to himself and others.
By Karolyn Szot
What if your breakfast had already gone on an adventure before you even got out of bed? Join the Breakfast Buddies as they travel to the Wild Waffle West to put an end to the Junksters’ nefarious schemes. Can this super squad of healthy foods restore nutrition to the kitchen, or will the Junksters taste sweet, sticky victory?
By David Olson
A book for children and adults alike, don’t be like Trump teaches readers of all ages a valuable lesson: how not to be like the President of the United States.
Filled with vibrant illustrations, playful rhymes, and a positive message about kindness and integrity, don’t be like Trump is on a mission to make children’s books great again.
By Sweet Charity Smith
Clementine just wants to make the perfect cookie, but it’s not as easy as it looks. With the help of the Cookie Queen, she’ll have to learn why doing things a certain way is important when following directions. And when she learns the why, it’ll make the howmuch easier!
By Baron Hall
Braces can be daunting, but they’re nothing scary! Join Emma as she learns all there is to know about getting braces and how exciting they can be.
By Debi Novotny
Improve your reading skills as you follow a magic hat on a whimsical adventure!
Learning new reading skills becomes fun and delightful as you discover how to make and use new words, and even maybe learn how to use your own magic hat…
By Dawn Thompson Follow along with two playful and mischievous Labrador puppies as they discover who and what makes a family. They might just discover that families can be quite different than they had imagined!
Lurucha By Joaquín Randall Told only through evocative illustrations, Lurucha is the story of a parrot and boy living in the Andes Mountains. All proceeds of the book go to the Kuska School Scholarship Fund, a sustainable farm school located on the Inca terraces in Ollantaytambo, Peru, near Machu Picchu. Santa’s Puppies! By Sherry Ann Brescia What happens when Rosy, a pregnant rescue dog, gets trapped in Santa’s sled. Come join Rosy and Santa on a magical ride to find Rosy’s forever home and start a new Christmas tradition with Santa’s Puppies!

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Mascot Books’ Outstanding Author Awards 2014

Congratulations and Thank You to All Mascot Books’ Authors!

Mascot Books is thrilled to announce the winners of our 2014 Outstanding Author Awards! It’s hard to believe, but 2014 was our eleventh full year in business.  Time flies when you’re doing what you love…and working with amazing people along the way.  We’re passionate about great content, and again this year, our authors have produced just that.  It’s gratifying for everyone at Mascot to work with so many imaginative and creative storytellers. You continue to enrich our lives and the lives of our readers. As we continue to publish more quality books in all our favorite genres (fiction, non-fiction, biographies and memoirs, science fiction, sports-related, children’s books, and cookbooks), honoring just a few authors has proven to be a daunting task.  After much debate, passionate back-and-forth, lobbying, and some politicking among the employees, we’ve cast our ballots and are pleased to announce the results below. The 2014 Mascot Books Outstanding Author Awards are presented to: Children’s Picture Books: Since Rebecca Crownover’s launch of the Texas Farm Girl series, Rebecca has been all over the state of Texas in a big way meeting with the Texas farming community and excited children to share her book! Rebecca even had a song written about her and the series by country music recording artist Billy Dawson! Stephanie Sorkin is the author of two amazing and successful children’s books and has a third coming out in the very near future. With her book, “Nutley: The Nut-Free Squirrel” about a squirrel allergic to nuts, she takes delight in helping children with nut allergies and also has a knack for reaching out to create meaningful relationships through social media! Denise Barry has done an excellent job vividly answering the question, “What Does the Tooth Fairy Do with Our Teeth?” and continues her success with Soap on a Rope. Look for Sweeney Mack and the Slurp and Burp Competition coming in 2015! Roselyn Kasmire is a native of Buffalo, New York. She wrote a wonderful and exciting children’s book for the Buffalo Bills in addition to her Mage Magnus series. Fiction: Tom Fitzgerald crafted a suspenseful thriller, Defector in our Midst, that grabs you from the first page and reels you in throughout the book. If your favorite book genre is suspense and thrillers, this one should be on your list of must-reads. J.R. Reiling is a fiction-thriller writer that makes you dig deep into the depths of your mind while clenching onto this book in wonder. Everyone remembers September 11, 2001. J.R.’s book, “Ordinary Day: A Novel of 9/11”  is the story of “what-if” on that deeply tragic and historical date in our country’s history. Non-Fiction: Sean Stellato wrote a true life, inspirational story called “No Backing Down” about his own high school football team, one that overachieved in the face of great adversity. Sean has now become an agent for the NFL. Arlene Krieger wrote two outstanding biographies in 2014. One is about the life of the legendary Las Vegas entertainer, Tony Sacca, called “Tony Sacca, Las Vegas Ambassador of Entertainment” . The other titled, “Little Anthony: My Journey, My Destiny ” is about Rock and Roll Hall of Famer, Little Anthony. Look for more excellent writing from Arlene in 2015! Deena Baxter opened up her heart in her book “Surviving Suicide“. In this thoughtful book, she shares the story of her stepson’s suicide and how she and her family coped with the tragic loss. She brings light to the subjects of suicide and mental illness in order to help others cope with similar situations. Cookbooks: Excited for the professional football playoffs as much as we are? Paul Swaney’s Stadium Journey Pro-Football Cookbook will provide you with mouth-watering recipes that are sure to win! This book shares recipes and captures the regional food traditions of every single city in the National Football League. Carla Litrenta, Courtney Matinata, and Matt Matinata created two great cookbooks for hungry fans of both “At the Table with NC State“, a North Carolina State University Cookbook  and the University of North Carolina Cookbook, “At the Table with the University of North Carolina“. Take a culinary adventure through Chapel Hill and Raleigh, North Carolina! Roya Gharavi is the proprietor of Gourmet Pantry on Main Street in Blacksburg, Virginia. She is a connoisseur of tasty food and offers unique and clever ideas for hosting parties and events. Inside this wonderful recipe book titles “Roya’s Recipes” you’ll find healthy, international cuisine!

We’re Proud to be Your Book Publisher and Look Forward to Publishing More of Your Exceptional Writing in 2015!


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