June Featured Title: Becca’s Feat on Feet

“My advice to you is to find your World Marathon Challenge. Find whatever it is that you are passionate about. Dream big, take chances, and always believe in yourself. Because, when you do, anything is possible.”

Our June featured title is Becca’s Feat on Feet by marathon runner Becca Pizzi! We talked with Becca about being the first woman to compete in the World Marathon Challenge, her inspiration behind the book, and her philanthropic endeavors.

1.) You were the first woman to complete the World Marathon Challenge, running seven marathons on seven different continents in seven days. What inspired you to publish a book about your journey?

The children did! I motivational speak around the world and I always end the talk with questions and answers and it was the children that kept asking if I had a book they could read/autograph. It was my goal to show the world you can do anything you put your mind to if you believe in yourself, I especially love inspiring kids.

2.) In Becca’s Feat on Feet, you talk about how running the World Marathon Challenge pushed you to your limits. What advice would you give kids who are facing challenges? How can they overcome obstacles to reach their goals?

Dream Big, take chances, try new things, follow your dreams and ALWAYS believe in yourself. Start with smaller goals and keep raising the bar. Always remember it’s OK to make mistakes and be patient!

3.) During the World Marathon Challenge, which race was your favorite and which race was your least favorite? Why?

Antarctica! Despite the freezing temperatures, the ice-capped mountains were beautiful, we ran the marathon on a glacier and I really loved it.  We flew in on the Russian Illyusin, a military plane, it was really exciting and awesome!

4.)  What was your inspiration for founding the Becca Pizzi 5K race?

Giving back to the community. I am very proud of my foundation, all of the proceeds from the race go to high school scholarships for graduating seniors. We are on year 5 and there is a virtual option to run it as well.

5.) What is next for Becca Pizzi? Any more books on the horizon?

I’m currently running a marathon in all 50 states, so when I finish (hopefully by next year) I will write another children’s book on the 50 states, I really loved being teamed up with Mascot, who made me an author!

 Follow Becca Pizzi at www.beccapizzi.com to see what shes up to next.

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