October 2022 New Releases

As October begins, we are welcoming many new titles from three different imprints—Mascot Books, Mascot Kids, and Subplot Publishing. With a wide variety of books to choose from, it might be time to cozy up and add these books to your autumn “TBR” list. We look forward to hearing your thoughts on our latest releases!

Subplot Publishing

A Knock on the Door is the exciting October release from our newest imprint for contemporary fiction, Subplot Publishing! When the protagonist’s husband dies in a tragic accident, her life is turned upside down. What unfolds is a thrilling investigation that leads to one of the most powerful men in the country. But who will believe her story? And how many more will die before they do? Now, she must decide if she has the courage—and the ability—to finish what she started.

Mascot Books

Our nonfiction Mascot Books titles this month share hard-hitting stories that may change how you think about the world around you. Whether you’re trying to live a more stress-free life, coping with a life-changing discovery, or curious to learn about a slice of American history, this selection may have something for you. 


Meanwhile, the latest Mascot fiction releases take readers around the world for a series of exciting plots that will sweep you off your feet—from a stunning action thriller with impossible stakes, to an emotional and raw story about love in the face of grief, to tales of faith and devotion from the Buddhist tradition. 


Mascot Kids

Our newest children’s books share age-appropriate lessons about facts of life, friendship, and even financial literacy while engaging young readers through memorable stories and colorful characters. 










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September 2022 New Releases

We are proud to announce the newest books from our Mascot and Mascot Kids imprints. Full of helpful advice, thrilling action, and important life lessons, these books are sure to inform and entertain readers of all ages. We look forward to hearing your thoughts on all of our latest releases!

Mascot Books

Our nonfiction Mascot Books titles this month are all prepared to offer you great advice. Whether you need help processing emotions, improving your business acumen, or eating healthier, these books will help you live a happier and more fulfilled life.



Meanwhile, our fiction Mascot Books release this September takes readers on an exciting adventure to fight a powerful evil force. Don’t miss this rousing, action-packed novel! 

Mascot Kids

Our latest children’s books feature characters who are daring, loving, helpful, and confident—each sharing life experiences and lessons with young readers in an age-appropriate and fun way!





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August 2022 New Releases

We are happy to announce the newest titles from our Mascot and Mascot Kids imprints. Full of creativity and ingenuity, these books will tug at your heart strings, inspire your imagination, and renew your self-confidence. We look forward to hearing your opinions on all of the newest releases. 

Mascot Books

Our Mascot Books title this month is one of overcoming obstacles and persistence. Twenty-five years before Jackie Robinson, Spottswood Poles was poised to be “the one” who shattered baseball’s color barrier. But, WWI and racism in America denied him this dream. The new book by local Northern Virginia celebrity Wayde Byard is the story of Poles’s life before the War as a baseball player and after as a mentor, leader, and entrepreneur.

Spottswood Poles 

Mascot Kids

This month’s new releases for children cover topics such as self-confidence, inclusivity, and imagination, in addition to teaching children about life experiences in an age-appropriate way. The stories may vary, but these life lessons aim to help children grow in a positive way.

We Have The Same Heart    Peace by Peace   

Brother and Sister: Summer Adventures    Embrace Your Skin Embrace Yourself   

I Am A Great Work In Progress    Emerald the Green Dolphin   

Kangaroo Sue and Her Baby Roo    Mr. Toad's First Dental Examination     


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July 2022 New Releases

Readers of our blog will remember that last month’s new releases touched on themes of introspection and nostalgia. This month, our new titles continue on that path and focus on meaningful reflection. Whether on the past, relationships, world choice, or actions, the midway point of 2022 is the perfect time for contemplation. 

As always, please leave us comments below or review this month’s books on your favorite platform; we love to hear from readers, and our authors do too!

Amplify Publishing

We’re kicking our July titles off with Reimagining Blue from Amplify Publishing. Written by former Aurora, Illinois, police chief Kristen Ziman, this captivating memoir shares details of Kristen’s life and upbringing, her time in the police force and the many challenges she faced, and her thoughts on the way forward for policing. 

Reimagining Blue Kristen Ziman

Mascot Books

At Mascot Books, we’re releasing four new nonfiction titles. From a multigenerational story about a legendary Hungarian family, to one man’s account of his bond with his dog, to the life story of renowned NFL coach Mike Westhoff, this month’s memoirs are insightful, heartfelt, and incredibly honest. And topping things off, we’re releasing a guide that helps readers improve their writing and learn how to make words shine. No two stories are the same, but these four books show that we can always learn from each other’s journeys. 

Dreams Nightmares and Reality Helga Hatvany Figure It Out Mike Westhoff

Mornings with Uncle Frank Don Rose Wordshine Man Tom Madden

Mascot Kids

As always, our new releases from Mascot Kids include several engaging and beautifully illustrated picture books. This July, several of our titles center around mindfulness and self-awareness to help children grow and learn to respect themselves and others. 

But of course, we haven’t forgotten summer adventures! With stories like The Swimming Pugs, in which two puppies explore the Bahamas, and Big Daddy and Rico’s RUFF Decision, which follows Big Daddy and Rico as they search for a new puppy, new adventures are all in a day’s work. 

Big Daddy and Rico's Ruff Decision Mary Jacobs The Swimming Pugs Gabriella Suighi

Sofi's Not So Very Happy Day Lina Afzali Mickey on the Move Farming Michelle Wagner

Picky Patrick Eleni Fuiaxis Healthy Me Marla Kennedy

Mindful Moments with Maude Pamela Cappetta Circle of Sun Corinne Luck

Wilbur and the Hare Morgan Leary How Does Your Garden Grow Therese Guldan

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