November Book Releases

It’s November, and Thanksgiving is right around the corner. What are we thankful for? New books!

Check out the full list of our November book releases below.

November Featured Title: Darcy and Daisy: The Christmas Puppy

By Karin Hoving

Darcy the dog is so happy to have found his forever home with his human and animal siblings. But one thing is missing: Darcy wishes he had someone to play with! With Christmas around the corner, will Darcy’s wish come true?

By Elaine Bamford

Everyone knows Sidney is a kind and helpful squirrel, but it wasn’t always that way…Sidney loves spending time with his mom over a cup of tea. However, he isn’t quite ready to hear the message of kindness his mom is trying to teach him. Find out how Sidney discovers the importance of loving kindness, and how showing it to others can warm his own heart.

Following the story, “Sidney’s Book Talk” uses guided questioning to help readers think about acts of kindness in their own lives.

By Sejal Sharma

Joy Rosen is practically a grown-up already. She goes to schoolwork every day where she works with her friendsesteemed colleagues and teacher boss, Mrs. Smith. Will being a proper grown-up live up to Joy’s expectations?

By Destiny Fernandez

In the world of children’s dreams, anything is possible. Find adventure as you follow an alphabet of possibility, remembering that one day your little one’s dream could be reality.

By Balloon Dude Travis

Do you like balloons? Balloons are very light, fun, bouncy, and people all over the world use them. But did you ever wonder what balloons are, what they are made out of, and how we even got them in the first place?

Balloon Time is an exciting book packed with fun facts about balloons, including…how they are made, who invented them, why they pop, how the Bible relates to them, and more!

By Kristy Hamby

This is CHICKEN LIPS! Remember him? He’s the most playful, funny cow the farmer has ever seen, and he’s also the farmer’s granddaughters’ most favorite friend on the farm! Join Chicken Lips and his friends in his next big adventure to the fair!

By Tami Wyrick

Did you know that dinosaurs love donuts more than you and me? Written by Tami Wyrick and illustrated by Tacey Hesmer, Dinosaurs Love Donuts is a story about a boy named Tucker, his toy dinos, and donuts! Find out what happens when Tucker’s dad brings home donuts for him to eat!

By Val Taube

Divided Empire is a spy novel about love, espionage, and the end result of Putin’s war games.

In winter, 2014 – before Russian troops stormed through Ukraine and turned the Crimean peninsula into a launching pad for war – a Ukrainian journalist, Tatiana, and a Russian Navy officer, Alexander, had been in deeply love and planned to get married. However, flame of war put them on opposite sides of the barricades – one was on a quest to unearth the dark truths surrounding Putin’s invasion and the other was a secret agent of the FSB.

On the other side of the Atlantic, two retired CIA agents with critical information about Putin and other Kremlin officials – Sharon and Tom – are pulled back into the world of international spy games: from Washington D.C., to Ukraine, from Ukraine to Russia.

In Siberia, Sharon and Tatiana’s paths intersect at the doorsteps of a Siberian scientist with intimate knowledge about Putin’s plans to pay back to Western world leaders for helping Ukraine.

Risking their lives, Sharon and Tatiana had to take immediate actions…

By Kari Milito

Elmer’s excited and ready for his first day of school. But things don’t go at all like he imagined, and it’s causing lots of different feelings. Will he be able to sort through them all and find a way to have a better second day?

By Jamie McHone

Durban is a Durban bird with giant sneakers and wings so small he can’t fly. He’s tired of being made fun of by all the other flying birds, so he sets off on a journey to find out who he really is. Along the way, he meets Maudry, a smart and sassy female bird, and Wainwright, a grumpy worm with a short temper. Together, the unusual trio goes through thick and thin to discover what it really means to be yourself.

By Marnie Schneider

It’s gameday in Chicago! Football Freddie and Fumble are on their way to Soldier Field to cheer for the Bears. But first, they’ll stop at Millennium Park, the Navy Pier, and other historic locations to learn everything they can about the Windy City. Come along and cheer with Freddie and Fumble for Chicago!

By Sean Stellato

This was supposed to be the last time Buddy would have to move for a while. At least, that’s what his dad had promised when they first arrived in Salem, Massachusetts, a town still deeply rooted in its bewitching history. Buddy doesn’t ask for much: become starting quarterback, make friends, always try my hardest, dream big, repeat. He just hopes that maybe he can help the school’s team make it to league championships. But when he discovers an old football and a mysterious spell book, things in Salem get downright magical. Being the new kid isn’t easy, but will Buddy finally learn what it means to belong to a team?

By Joy Carter Minor

Joy Carter Minor is no stranger to a tough fight. As a black female oceanographer and engineer, she faced down opposition and entrenched obstruction at every turn of her upward career. Despite it, she carved out a definition for herself and her beliefs on her terms, always moving forward.

Unflinching, uncompromising, and unapologetic, Forward From the Sea boldly challenges the belief that America, especially its government, runs by the rules of meritocracy, where only the most qualified and best people get promotions, recognition, and a place in history.

By J.A. Ford

Jeffrey Flanagan wants the things any normal eight-year-old boy wants. He wants his father to be proud of him. He wants his mother back from whatever strange place she’s being kept in. But most of all, he wants to figure out what keeps making those strange noises under his bed each night. Can the world-renowned child psychiatrist Dr. Ford Freud help him with his monsters?

By Jennie Cavanagh

Geoff often feels like he doesn’t belong in his classroom,
but is the place of sensory a place he can bloom?

Come along with Geoff as he explores this new place,
and finds that school can put a big smile on his face!

By Carey Pahel

Would you like to travel to the zoo
to see the animals watching you?

Would you ever want to take one home
to be your friend so you could roam
around your yard and everywhere?

Perhaps you’d like a polar bear or a gibbon, tiger, goat, or horse.
You say that’s silly, yes of course!

Let’s travel on with our good friend.
And read the story to the end.

He wants an otter, this is true.
So let’s find out what he will do.

His Mommy says, “Why bother!
An otter likes to swim in water.”

But Daddy thinks there may be a way
To make his dreams come true this day!

By Michelle McKee Marlow and Cynthia Marlow

“Doing something good never tasted so sweet!”

Come join Luke and his new furry friend LuLu on an adventure as they sell lemonade at the annual golf tournament to raise money for the local children’s hospital. Luke and Lulu might just teach you a trick or two!

By Kestle Bess

Do you remember what it was like to dream about the future? This is a story about one curious boy who hopes to find out different things he and his friends can become when they are older. It is inspired by the author’s own experiences growing up thinking about what possibilities lay ahead.

By Kristi Bingham

Meg is about to lose her first tooth. She is not sure what to expect. With the help of her family she realizes it is something every child goes through.

By Debi Novotny

A little magic is all it takes to get kids excited about reading!

My Magic Hat Goes to School! will help beginning readers recognize word families, rhyming patterns, spelling patterns, and reading rules.

By Tami Tolbert with Melissa Alford

Oodles of poodles and oodles of fun!

There’s nothing in the world five-year-old Avy wants more than her very own poodle. But when Avy’s parents decide she’s not ready for a puppy just yet, friends and family come to her rescue…with oodles of stuffed poodles! Join Avy as she proves to her parents that she’s ready for a real live puppy, and learns a meaningful lesson about God and prayers along the way.

By Dr. Jeffrey Weisman

Prescription for Murder is the story of one doctor who beats the odds.

Almost killed in a serious automobile accident when he was in college, Dr. Christopher Knight decides to dedicate his life to saving others, but over the course of the few years after he started his practice, that life takes a terrible new direction. His wife runs off with another man, his medical practice is in shambles, and things are about to get worse! He is about to give up completely, when through a series of transformative events, his life changes direction. Although rocky at first, the doctor eventually becomes involved in a vast medical enterprise that enjoys tremendous success and even his personal life improves when he falls in love and marries.

What Knight doesn’t realize is that he has entered the world of Russian gangsters, Italian mobsters, and double-dealing associates who would use him, betray him, and ultimately murder him as part of an elaborate insurance scam designed to end his life and line their pockets from the tragic “accident.”

With time running out and his world crumbling all around him again, Knight must decide whether to retreat or fight back. With the help of the FBI and the Organized Crime Strike Unit, the doctor must call upon his special skills as a jet pilot and an experienced black belt in the martial arts to turn the tables on his adversaries.

In a true David versus Goliath adventure, Knight is about to expose an evil conspiracy that spans twenty years, reveal a murderous group of men and women, and exact some justice—but will it work, and will it be enough? With the lives of his family hanging in the balance, it’s time for Dr. Christopher Knight to throw caution to the wind and take matters into his own hands.

By Natasha Aronov

When Dylan discovers a funny word on his dinosaur pajamas, he notices that letters with the same sound can look different. Some are big, and some are little. Why are some letters uppercase while others are lowercase? Read along to find out!

By Ruby Silvious

Take everyday materials and turn them into exquisite works of art.

Reclaimed Canvas will inspire you to repurpose, reimagine, and reclaim everyday objects—including paint chips, egg shards, pistachio shells, paper bags, dried leaves, and used tea bags—and turn them into eye-catching, clever, and inventive pieces.

Beauty is found in everything, with a little shift in perspective.

Using alternative materials as canvas, this collection sparks creativity, challenging the way people think about the world around them. Artist Ruby Silvious is internationally recognized for her miniature paintings and collages, with used tea bags as her canvas. She is the author of 363 Days of Tea: A Visual Journal on Used Tea Bags. Her paintings—some inspired by her travels around the world—have been featured in numerous publications and on multiple media channels, including CNN Travel, The Guardian, Der Spiegel, Good Morning America, Headline News, and the internationally syndicated Ripley’s Believe It or Not!

By Mercy Mize

As a puppy, Samson spent time on the streets and in shelters when all he ever wanted was a forever family. His life changes in a big way when he enters a prison dog training program and meets his handler, Trevor. Will Trevor help Samson find the love he has always wanted?  

By Emily Reilly

What happens when your life crumbles at the tips of your fingers? Ivy Hazeldine, a fifteen-year-old girl, finds herself in a world of deterioration when her mother gasps her final breath.Ivy’s Aunt Wiley takes on the challenge of raising Ivy, hoping time will help heal the withering pain from such a sudden and tragic loss. But time seems to be working against them as their lives become further deranged and twisted with chaos.Ivy’s mind becomes dark and contorted, pushing her closer to the edge of doom. Aunt Wiley is seemingly powerless against the thoughts clouding Ivy’s mind, but she isn’t one to give up easily. She dedicates her life to rescuing Ivy from the hands of hell, but are her efforts to help Ivy see the silver lining in her tragic life enough?

By M. Doshi

These two brothers are on a mission, but they keep getting distracted. See how a simple day at the park can be so much fun.

By Linda Giacomino

Soul Pretty celebrates the beauty within. Linda Giacomino offers quiet but effective guidance and encouragement for readers to carry with them as they navigate the hills and valleys, dilemmas and decisions, obstacles and achievements along the way to self-discovery.

Beautiful and charming illustrations bring each lesson to life, inspiring readers to find everything they need to create a life that is soul happy, soul healthy, and soul pretty.

one page at a time

one word at a time

one lesson at a time

By Beverly Green

Everyone has a favorite color, a favorite travel story, and a favorite piece of advice…especially grandparents. Children everywhere can gather round The Dash Book and its questions to interview their favorite person from the elder generation. Finish off by filling in a family tree together! The Dash Book is sure to bring you and yours closer than ever in a fun and interactive way.

By Shevelle Ford

Liesa is a bright and spirited little girl who enjoys helping her mom around the house. Her most favorite thing to do with her mom is go on walks around the neighborhood. When she meets a new friend, a happy little dog, she’s soon plunged into a world of curiosity. Will her new friend ever bark?

By Mike Hershman

The year is 1943 and Vicky, Mascot First Class of the USS Iowa, has a very important job to do. President Franklin Delano Roosevelt is coming aboard the Iowa! The ship will take FDR across the Atlantic Ocean to North Africa, and Vicky will have lots to do during that voyage. Come along with Vicky as he carries out his duties!

A true story of Captain John McCrea’s little dog Vicky, the mascot of the battleship USS Iowa. 

By JaLeissa Speight

You are a part of me. You are my Sonshine.

A mother and son’s bond is a special one. Explore that bond with this beautifully illustrated story, complete with activities you can do with your son.

By Randall Slavin

From award-winning Hollywood photographer Randall Slavin comes We All Want Something Beautiful, a brilliant, raw, and everlasting collection of celebrity photography.

“Randall’s images cut through the noise…he has a way of finding beauty in a subject effortlessly.”

— Ben Stiller

“Zero agenda. Zero politics. Pure intimacy and truth of the individual spirit…this is the setting Randall has always provided for me personally.”

— Jeremy Renner

Picking up a camera didn’t start out as an artistic pursuit for Randall Slavin. While working a dead end job in a gas station, he wandered into a local photography studio and became friends with the owner. He took the young Slavin under his wing and taught him a few photography basics, just before firing him a few months later. With nowhere to turn, Slavin put one foot in front of the other and never looked back. In the years since and through his lens, he’s documented his journey. From the vinyl seats of Hollywood nightclubs in 1999 to cover shoots in New York in 2019, Slavin has captured it all, encapsulated in his debut photography collection, We All Want Something Beautiful. Featuring stunning portraits and spirited candids of the most recognizable people in Hollywood, Slavin offers us a peek behind the curtain in this revelatory collection that will last a lifetime. 

By Helen Tomlinson

When the railroad car manufacturer Charles Freer retired from business at age forty-five, he set out to create a world-class art collection that combined ancient Asian art and American paintings of his own Gilded Age. The extraordinary artworks he amassed formed the core of what became one of America’s first national art museums—the Smithsonian’s Freer Gallery of Art in Washington, D.C.

This engrossing biography of Freer traces his journey from his humble childhood in rural New York to his industrial career in the rapidly growing Detroit of the 1880s. Drawing on Freer’s diaries and letters, it describes his adventures around the world in search of art. He owned the largest collection of artworks by his feisty friend, James McNeill Whistler, whose love of Asian art inspired Freer to explore

that field.

A self-made man who never progressed beyond the eighth grade, Charles Freer had a keen eye for quality and a passion for learning. Blazing a trail where few others ventured, he became a renowned connoisseur of ancient Asian art.

Fiercely independent, intensely curious, and always searching for deeper meanings in the art he loved, Freer left a national legacy. The Freer Gallery of Art is as groundbreaking today as the man who created it one hundred years ago. West Meets East tells the story of Charles Freer’s incredible life.

Please note: This title will be released on November 12, 2019. 

By Don Rose & Javier Lopez

Join us as we continue our adventure from Book 1 with Rocky the Rock, the Rock That Can Walk and Talk, and Uncle Frank the Dog. Also, meet some new friends, including Andre the Chef and The Climbing Tree!

Please note: This title will be released on November 12, 2019.

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