I am so grateful for the team at Mascot who expertly organized the many steps of Raising America’s Zoo’s pre-production, publishing, and marketing phases…having a knowledgeable, attentive team advocating for me and my book let me really relish the joy of publishing my first book.

Kara Arundel, Raising America’s Zoo

Working with Mascot made the process of creating Global CMO a great experience…the team that worked with us was extremely professional with a deep knowledge of the book publishing space.

Greg Paull, Global CMO, Principal and Co-Founder, R3 Worldwide

Working with the professionals at Mascot Books has been a unique and delightful experience in republishing my book, Square One: A Simple Guide to a Balanced Life. The assistance from the writing and editorial department saved me hours in editing. The new layout, design, and illustrations all are great enhancements to the book. The experts in printing and eBook publishing promise to make it even more successful than the first printing. I have no reservations about working with the highly talented and experienced staff at Mascot Books.

Joseph C. Maroon, MD, Square One: A Simple Guide to a Balanced Life

The entire staff of Mascot publishing made the publication of Souper Chefs possible. We would have not have made it to the market otherwise. We’re all extremely happy with the finished product. The cookbook is beautiful!

Bob Harre, Souper Chefs

We are incredibly grateful for the amazing team at Mascot Books. They believed in our story from the beginning and helped make our dream become a reality. The entire Mascot staff is professional, knowledgeable, and a true joy to work with. Their team of dedicated professionals works with you every step of the way as you navigate the publishing process. Thank you Mascot Books for being part of our Courageous Crew!

Scott McBride and Rod Thompson, The Adventures of Connor the Courageous Cutter

Mascot Books brought Mylo the Panda to life! From helping with the editing, illustrations, printing, and distribution, the team at Mascot Books is there for you!

Jim Heath, Front Row Seat at the Circus and Mylo the Panda

After doing much research on publishing, I am very happy with my decision to work with Mascot Books. Before I even signed a contract, they were always professional and available to answer any questions and concerns I had. Their graphics department worked hard to make sure my graphic novel looked the best it could.

David Corrado, The Legend of Alastar

As a new author entering the business, it all seemed so difficult. I had no idea where to begin, but I did have this amazing little book character and a manuscript. After much encouragement to continue what I had started, I began searching the web for companies and/or steps to publishing. After being turned away or not receiving a response from publishing companies at all, I wanted to give up. Until I found Mascot Books, that is. I was greeted via email with a quick response and a follow up phone call. From there, the magic happened, from start to finish. The Mascot Books team kept me updated during all of the stages and valued my original manuscript and ideas. I truly believe the team has their authors’ best interest in mind and works diligently to make sure the quality of all authors’ books are to perfection. Mascot Books has been a great fit for Aida Brown and I. I have published two books with Mascot Books and will be completing Book 3 soon. I cannot wait to see what creative ideas for design and editing the team comes up with!

Damyionne Brown, Aida Brown series

Of the six different presses with which I have published books over the years, Mascot has clearly been the best. From the professional editing to the physical production, I have been more than satisfied. Moreover, in their dealings with me, the staff was always responsive and caring. In short, I am not only very satisfied and pleased, but I’m proud of Mascot’s publication of Dogging It Through Divorce and Beyond.

Jonathan Wagner, Dogging It Through Divorce and Beyond

It has been such a pleasure working with Mascot Books for publication of my first children’s book. It isn’t always easy choosing which path to take for publication, and I am so glad I chose Mascot… Mascot really listens to what you want as an author and helps ensure your vision comes to life!

Morgan Leary, Wayne the Whale

Naren and his staff have helped me bring my Nittany Lion children’s books to life. The books look great, and I receive many positive comments. I’m looking forward to the release of my newest book, Nittany Lion Everyday Superhero, this August.

Denise L. Kaminsky, Nittany Lion series

Mascot made my dream into a reality. I could have never done it without them, and all the support from the Mascot team was amazing. My book is absolutely beautiful.

Samantha Hill, Brutus and Red the Rooster

The entire [Mascot Books] staff was very helpful throughout the entire process with editing and assistance with any questions I had. They gave me a feeling of working with friends rather than a company.

Beverly Brumback, Thomas: The Journey

I’m grateful for the experience of working with Mascot Books and its professional, enthusiastic staff to produce, publish, and promote Beyond Gray Clouds. They allowed me to enter an increasingly competitive market and greatly improve my skillfulness in the nitty-gritty work that is publishing. At the same time, the project manager was giving me sway over the script, illustrations, etc. She was coaching me on what works and what doesn’t. I learned that being an experienced writer is just the beginning!

Kamara Heussner, Beyond Gray Clouds

Once I decided to publish my book, Thirteen, I began to research the process for doing so. I became instantly overwhelmed until I found Mascot Books. From manuscript submission to book delivery, Mascot made me feel special. Not only did they provide me the tools and know-how of book publishing, but [they] also encouraged me along the way. There was no question they couldn’t answer and nothing short of heroics with bringing my book to life. Mascot isn’t just a publishing company. They are people too. [People who] care about [their] authors as well as creating a sea of possibilities for your end product. I would recommend Mascot Books to anyone…from the first-time author to the seasoned writer. They can do it all!

Erika Jackson, Thirteen

The success I have today with my book Feminism is for Boys is thanks to my partnership with Mascot Books. Not only did they help to catch critical copyright issues during the editing, but they also were available for every question or concern I had along the way. As a first time author I can’t imagine having gone through this process without their expertise.

Elizabeth Rhodes, Feminism is for Boys

Working with Mascot books was an absolute pleasure! They helped me in every area I needed to produce a quality result.

Arielle Turover Cohen, I Am Brave and Unafraid