The Amazing Chase

The goal of “The Amazing Chase” is to raise awareness and funds for rescuing, fostering, and adopting pets in need.
The Amazing Chase

Bringing home a dog is life-changing. That was certainly the case for the family who adopted Chase, a cute, cuddly, rescue dog. This is a heartwarming tale of a family who rescued a puppy, and the impact he had on their life.

ISBN-13: 978-1-68401-781-2
Publisher: Mascot Books

Dear Parents

SteveAccording to the ASPCA, 670,000 shelter dogs are put down each year in the United States. I hope that this book will inspire more individuals and families to adopt, not shop.

I hope too that as you share this book with your child, you use your time together to talk about the values that we can learn from our furry friends. Yes, dogs are cute and cuddly, but they also demonstrate many qualities and values that we want our children to have as well.

Like Chase, we all learn values throughout the journey of our lives. Dogs are brave, caring, fun, patient, eager, loyal, and loving. What great life lessons and values we can impart to our children by these examples.

Take time as you share the book together to discuss these values, and remember that these are the things that make us a family.

Give your kids (and your dog) a hug tonight. Thank you for supporting dogs in need.


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Steve Wize is a professional therapist at Mental Fitness, LLC in Cranberry Township, Pennsylvania. When he’s not working, Steve enjoys hiking, disc golf, and walks with the family.

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