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Souper Chefs Cover
Chef Wolfgang Geckeler
Ann Lambert
Souper Chefs Author Chef Bob Harre

Souper Chefs: 40 Heart Healthy Soup Recipes from the Atlantic City Volunteer Chefs
Chef Bob Harre and Chef Wolfgang Geckeler

In 2015, Chefs Bob Harre and Wolfgang Geckeler started a heart-healthy soup program at the Atlantic City Rescue Mission that provides meals to the homeless. Since then, the Souper Chef program has served more than 75,000 bowls of soup to those in need. This cookbook is a collection of forty of their best recipes from the professional chef volunteers. 100% of the proceeds go to support the Atlantic City Rescue Mission.

Indo Dutch Kitchen Secrets Cover
Indo Dutch Author Jeff Keasberry
Jeff Keasberry

Indo Dutch Kitchen Secrets: Stories and Favorite Family Recipes
Jeff Keasberry

During 350 years of colonial intimacy in the former Dutch East Indies (modern Indonesia) gave rise to a hybrid culture and one of the world’s oldest fusion cuisines. With more than 100 delicious, easy-to-prepare dishes that pull from the Indonesian, Dutch, and Indo Dutch style, Keasberry shares three generations-worth of family recipes, anecdotes, and stories about Holland’s favorite adopted food.

Hoos in the Kitchen Cover
Hoos in the Kitchen Author Melissa Palombi
Melissa Palombi

Hoos in the Kitchen
Melissa Palombi

Inspired by the flourishing food scene and endless pride of the University of Virginia, this collection features more than sixty recipes from members of the UVA community. With recipes designed to incorporate Virginia-based ingredients to those with international origins and from a variety of alumni, staff members, and C-Ville staples, this book is the perfect addition to any Cavalier’s kitchen.

Farm Girl in the City Cover
Farm Girl in the City Author Bonnie McDaniel
Bonnie McDaniel

Farm Girl in the City: Of Food and Love
Bonnie McDaniel

Drawing from her central-Florida upbringing, her tenure as a gardener, and recipes from her home and professional kitchens, veteran author and lifestyle personality Bonnie McDaniel provides a series of time-tested meals and techniques bolstered by personal stories and kernels of wisdom one can only gain from experience. Educational, tender, and above all, delicious, Farm Girl in the City teaches us that the act of feeding people—family, loved ones, and friends—feeds the mind and the soul in addition to the body.