The Secret of the Kelimutu Volcano: The Rise of Golden Garuda

by Hamsa Buvaraghan, Riya Sanjay & Eesha Sanjay

As a cursed child, Aisha lived in constant fear of the Kelimutu volcano. A prophecy foretold a destructive eruption when she turned ten years old. In the hope of saving her town, Aisha and her sister, Liya, begin on a dangerous journey up the slopes of Kelimutu. When a precious possession is stolen from home, Aisha gets pulled into a perilous quest. Can the sisters uncover the mystery before time runs out?

This multicultural fantasy book is set in rural Indonesia on the island of Flores, in a town named Moni at the foot of the Kelimutu volcano.

ISBN: 978-1-63755-938-3

SKU: 18-1198-01