December 8th Book Releases

We have more book releases! Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow… with 53 new books!

ABCs Books/Baby Books

Baby’s First Business Book

By Andrew Dorazio

Baby’s First Business Book is a fun
and exciting book for boys and girls
of all ages who may want to start
their own business someday. Share
the ABCs of key business terms with
your child and prepare them with
the grit and courage to strike out on
their own. Fortune favors the bold!

First Baby Book: Black and White Patterns Adventure

By Caity Werner

For the first 0-9 months of their lives, babies respond well to simple black and white patterns. For short periods of time, high contrast black and white images support their visual development by stimulating optic nerves. Because babies’ retinas are not fully developed, the images teach their eye muscles and brain to coordinate, which also aids in developing their eyesight. First Baby Book offers a multisensory experience through strong black and white patterns that aid babies in developing the ability to focus their concentration and attention.

Tristan’s Laboratory of ABCs

By Christina Waters

Have you ever talked to a scientist? Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be one? Join us in exploring the tools of modern science in the vividly colored Tristan’s Laboratory of ABCs. Discover the alphabet in a fun and exciting way as the elements of STEM are brought to life!

Children’s Book

After the Ark

By Deborah Paul

The Bible tells the story of Noah’s Ark in Genesis, in which man became so evil in God’s eyes He decided to destroy everything on earth. But Noah was such a righteous man that God spared him and his family a great catastrophe. He bid Noah to build an ark to board his loved ones and a pair of every known creature to ride out a great flood. After forty days, the waters subsided, and the animals spread out all over the earth. After the Ark is a poetic story that depicts many of those creatures finding lush forests, earthy hidey-holes, and cozy mountain dens. Moving and inspiring, this book also inspires readers to leave wild animals be, admiring them from afar. 

A House for Wren

By Julie Beever

Wren and Mrs. Wren find they need a house in a hurry! Their very capable real estate agent, Ms. Green Jay, is up to the challenge, taking the Wrens on a whirlwind tour of potential homes in the area. Will Wren find the perfect house for his family?

A House for Wren is a bird’s-eye view of the habits and habitats of a variety of colorful and fascinating birds. A unique introduction to birdwatching for young birding enthusiasts, this story combines factual information about the nesting habits of various birds with the dilemma Wren faces in trying to find a house that meets the needs of his growing family.

A Stranger in the Clearing 

By Vikki Lynn Smith

Pi, a unique deer from the Great Forest, arrives in the Woods in search of friends and a new home. The animals of the Woods are surprised by Pi’s arrival, but quickly realize she needs all the love they can give her. Will she discover what it truly means to sacrifice all she loves to be accepted by others? Will she learn the importance of family and the love they give? Join Sequoia, a friendly golden retriever, as she and her friends of the Woods teach Pi self-acceptance, and what it means to know where true beauty lies.

Adventures of a Military Brat: The Big Move

By Johanna and Daniel Gomez

It’s that time of the year for military brats. The Big Move is finally here!

Ride along with a courageous young girl as she faces the challenges of a military family move. Learn how she cherishes favorite memories and prepares for her new home, all while delivering a touching message of hope and optimism.

Am I A Unicorn?

By Stephanie Sorkin

When your OUTERcorn doesn’t match your INNERcorn… a story is born! Join us as a unicorn finds the answer to a very important question!

An Adventure in a Shell

By Christopher Strain

Totle the Turtle has a good life, and he lives in a log free of worry and strife. He feels very lonely, even though he has friends, water to swim in, and lovely sights without end. It’s not always easy to stop being sad, but good friends and an adventure might not be so bad.

Aubree the Marvelous Mermaid

By Nick Schaeflein

You can accomplish anything that you put your mind to. Such is the story of Aubree overcoming doubt through and through.

Be Brave, Archie!

By Linda Bergman Floersch

Meet Archie and Eliza, the adventurous squirrel cousins! One fall day, Archie is afraid to try something new. What can Archie do to be brave?

Bernie’s Escape from Ong Island

By Jessica Harris

Bernie’s Escape from Ong Island is an exciting adventure starring Bernie, a beloved puggle (half-pug, half-beagle, 100% awesome) from Austin, Texas. Bernie and his human, Sammy, are taken on a journey to an exotic trash wasteland where their lives are turned upside down. Will Bernie, Sammy, and their new friends find a way home? Will they ever be free of the island and its polluted pitfalls?

Join Bernie and Sammy on this wild ocean adventure as they discover the truth about the dangers of pollution and how it impacts the world’s wildlife.

Bitsy Bop Hold Your Head Up High

By Takisha Payne

This book continues the journey that began in Bitsy Bop Likes to Hippity Hop. Bitsy, a young, talented hip-hop dancer, takes her talent to a reality television dancing contest, Kids on the Groove. Will she be successful in winning the competition? Open up these pages and find out!

Charlotte and the Prince’s Pancakes

By Mary C. Zeger

Do you like pancakes? Do you like them warm, with melted butter, and syrup that drips down the sides?  I do! And so does the prince in Charlotte and the Prince’s Pancakes.  He wants them for his birthday breakfast—and of course, he wants them warm! So, Charlie, the baker, asks his daughter to deliver the world’s tallest stack of pancakes to the prince! Sounds like an easy task, right?  But wait! There are problems along the way that Charlotte must face and solve on her own. Will she be able to deliver the pancakes without spilling them? Will she make it in time for the prince’s breakfast? Read and find out!

Christmas Lights! Christmas Lights!

By Aunt Sandy (Sandra Hanson)

Come experience the joy of Christmas with Aunt Sandy and her nieces and nephew as they embark on a night filled with dazzling, colorful Christmas lights! This book is for all children and the child inside of each of us to enjoy for many years to come.

Cluck and Fluffy

By Ceasar R. Castro

The timeless story of Cluck and Fluffy explores a friendship which endures despite the teasing, and mocking that their unique alliance garners. From the minute a brand-new rabbit is introduced to a flock of chickens at Farmer Raul’s ranch, the residents do everything they can to alienate and make fun of their new neighbor. That is, until one stormy night, when a brave chicken breaks from the crowd and befriends the rabbit, thus spawning a friendship that withstands the bullying and taunting from the other chickens.

Will this brood of close-minded chickens learn to accept the unexpected friendship of a chicken and a rabbit? Or will Cluck and Fluffy be forced to forge their own path forward?

Daddy’s Love For Me

By Sarah and JoAnn Jung

Sumi is upset with her dad. ‘He doesn’t love me,’ she pouts and thinks to herself. She complains about how he doesn’t show up to her games, rarely buys her toys, and almost never spends time with her. It’s like living without a dad! She holds grudges against her dad – until one day, she accidentally overhears a conversation between her mom and dad that challenges her thoughts. She comes to realize that her dad actually does love her. He may not show his love in the same ways that her friends’ dads do but in his own special ways.

Didi the Picky Puppy

By Kate Maher

Didi the dog is a cute pup with a familiar problem… she is a picky eater! Her loving owner attempts to fix the problem by providing many delicious food options and settings! Ultimately, she seeks help from a veterinarian to find a healthy solution. Follow along with Didi and her owner as they discover just what a picky pup needs to eat right.

Finding Feelings

By Jennifer Gafford

Have you ever been nervous to walk into your classroom?
Have you ever felt frustrated with the long lines at the grocery store?
Do you feel brave when you make a new friend?
What makes you feel peaceful?

In Finding Feelings, you will look for kids experiencing the same feelings you have in your life. How many feelings can you find?

In this unique search-and-find book, children read body language and use situational clues to locate both good and difficult feelings in the characters. Finding Feelings builds emotional vocabulary, gently exposes children to uncomfortable emotions, and encourages compassion towards others. It is a little book for big hearts! 

Girl Strong!

By Megan Touchton

With the light of your heart, you’re determined to soar.
Your inner strength will guide you across every mountain and shore.

Written in honor of strong girls everywhere, Girl Strong! reminds us all that girls are resilient, intelligent, and independent, and that true strength comes from within.

Go to Grandma’s House?

By Donna De Lucia Goscicki

When Grandma visits her grandson, Alex, she usually knows exactly what he enjoys playing with, but not on this particular day! When she arrives at Alex’s house and asks what he wants to play with, he replies, “Go to Grandma’s house?” Why Grandma’s house? she wonders. Then it becomes apparent, and with great joy and delight, Grandma brings Alex back to her house and makes his day extraordinary.

Goodnight Box

By Michael B. Horn and Tracy Kim Horn

A favorite book for fitness enthusiasts, Goodnight Box introduces your child to a lifetime of health and wellness (WARNING: may inspire sleep-deprived adults to work out). Highlighting a diversity of functional movements from box jumps to deadlifts, the story is a perfect addition to your nighttime bed routine—or for those with spirited children, your evening WOD. Every book purchased supports non-profit organizations that connect at-risk youth with mentors to help them fulfill their potential and develop lifelong habits of success.

Gus Visits the Farm

By Jackie Sutton

One sunny evening, Gus the dog visited a farm. Gus met new friends who wanted to play and other friends who were busy munching hay!

Gus Visits the Farm is a bedtime story that shares one dog’s visit to a farm through a series of lively photographs. In this tale, readers will meet Gus the dog and hear all about the animals he visits on the farm. 

Lexi’s Special Tooth Fairy Pillow

By Ann (Ana) Morris

Lexi’s Special Tooth Fairy Pillow/El cojín especial para El Ratón Pérez is Ann Morris’ memory of a special occasion with her young granddaughter, “Lexi.” As you read it, remember all of your own memories and traditions that accompany losing baby teeth. Different families and different cultures have different stories and traditions. Grandma is called to action when Lexi loses a tooth and is far from home.

Please free to leave a review on Amazon. Reviews are important feedback for authors as well as for other readers who may want to read the book.

Follow Ann (Ana) Morris on authorannmorris.com. There are photos of her activities and links to other locations where she is active.

Lucy to the Rescue

By Deborah Porco

Lucy is a dog with a big heart! After being rescued, she comes up with a great idea to help other sick and homeless animals. Follow this heartwarming story to learn what inspired a real-life animal rescue charity, Lucy the Rescue Dog, Inc!

Maddie Makes Moves

By Anne Jeudy

Maddie loves playing soccer. But why does she feel like she’s never as strong, fast, or tough as everyone else? Tired of feeling discouraged, Maddie decides to look for teachers who can help her make moves and improve her game. Meet Maddie’s unexpected coaches and learn some fun exercises that can help you grow stronger, faster, and tougher! 

Matty is in the Loop

By Mickie Kraatz

When Matty realizes he seems to be the only one in his class without loops on his shoes, he sets out to master the skill for himself! Even as he tries and tries, he just can’t seem to get the hang of it. With constant effort and practice, Matty follows his Mommy’s directions, determined to master the loops.

Follow along with Matty as he goes through the ups and downs of learning something new, and discover that as long as you never give up, you can accomplish anything you set your mind to! Experience the power of determination, and the reward that follows when you persevere!

Max the Bear

By James Jodice

Max the Bear is a heartwarming story about the adventure of a boy who becomes lost in the frigid Northern woods and the bond he forms with a gentle and wise bear that he encounters in the forest.

A portion of the author’s proceeds will be donated to the Kilham Bear Center in Lyme, NH, a non-profit organization that rehabilitates & releases orphaned and injured black bear cubs.

Parker the Labradoodle

By Carrie Lindsay

Meet Parker the Labradoodle! Parker is a best friend to kids of all ages because no matter what they are feeling, he will be by their sides. Let Parker take your kids through a day of emotions, as dogs have them, too! From being excited to run and play to being worried when his parents leave, Parker helps kids better understand that when they are feeling sad, a happy moment is right around the corner, or with just a flip of a page!

Parker the Purple Penguin

By Marybeth Wishart

Parker, a very purple penguin, does not understand why he is not accepted by his peers. How can they not like him, especially when he loves to do all the same things they do? Why does he get excluded by all the other penguins just because of the color of his coat? What can Parker do that will make the other penguins become his friends?

Follow Parker’s adventures as he faces the challenges of being different. What finally changes the other penguins’ perception of Parker? Read the story and discover all the things Parker did and what it took for the other penguins to understand the truth.

Parker the Purple Penguin explores themes that are relevant to all children—and even adults!—such as accepting each other’s differences, empathy, and bravery. 

Penelope’s Bully

By Andre Gatling

Penelope thought moving to a new neighborhood would be exciting, but she didn’t expect to be bullied because she was different. She befriends Chloe, a homeless puppy who is also bullied for being different.

When Chloe is taken from Penelope to a dog shelter, Penelope must find a way to rescue her new friend. Will Chloe and Penelope be able to change their bullies’ minds and save each other?

Please, Look Up at Me

By Denise D’Angelo Roland

Kate loves to look at her tablet. Mama feels concerned. At first, Kate feels that Mama is overreacting. But after giving it more thought, Kate finds understanding in Mama’s plea.

Scromlette the Omelet Chef

By Zach Christensen

Scromlette the Omelet Chef is a story that encourages children to pursue things that are life-giving for themselves—while also providing services for others. In this lyrical tale, Scromlette learns how to succeed in a way that benefits himself and the world around him. Exploring themes of anti-bullying and forgiveness, Scromlette the Omelet Chef encourages readers to make peace with their enemies, and allow themselves to heal. 

Shayla Sweet and Her Magical Pen

By L.S. McIntyre

Join Shayla Sweet in discovering the world around her with her handy-dandy magic pen. What secrets can it reveal today? The sky’s the limit with this Super Smart Girl!

Skatey Katie

By Valerie Varhaug

Katie and her dog, Coco, enjoy all the fun winter brings, especially gliding and twirling across the frozen pond in the backyard. After lessons at the ice rink and a dazzling performance, she faces some unexpected feelings. Follow along with Katie (and Coco!) as she discovers what truly makes her happy.

Sophia and the Soccer Ball

By Brittney Thompson

Meet Sophia and Bentley, a soccer-loving duo that loves to play together and solve problems. When Sophia loses her favorite ball, they have a major challenge to face. Can Bentley and Sophia complete their mission to save the ball from a scary beast?

Taylor Tate and the Great Escape

By Martie Krol

Taylor Tate heads out
For a walk to town
And quickly sees

The absurdities all around!
Can you help Taylor
Get the animals back home?
There are so many of them

All lost and alone!
Follow along with Taylor as she helps
each animal she meets get back to
their family and friends. Written by
a Speech-Language Pathologist, this
story invites your child to participate
in the adventure while building language
skills such as vocabulary, sequencing,
rhyming, associations, and more! Not
sure how to promote language while
reading? Strategies included inside!

The Adventures of Bugaboo and Ladybug: Trouble in Town

By Jewel Sweeney

Join Bugaboo and Ladybug as they venture to a new and exciting world: The Old West! Saddle up as Sheriff Bugaboo works to capture the notorious Madame Ladybug, and keep his town safe from the lone bandit! Put on your cowboy boots to go on a tour around some popular wild west sites, and find out if Sheriff Bugaboo will finally find the infamous outlaw!

The Adventures of Chips & Salsa

By Cynthia Petillo

Meet Chips, a happy-go-lucky, friendly beagle, and his pals as they welcome Salsa, a tiny, shy Chihuahua who is new to the neighborhood. The dogs become fast friends and, before they know it, find themselves on a playful adventure in the park. And though Salsa may be tiny, he proves that true loyalty, friendship, and love come in all sizes. Join Chips and Salsa as they take readers on a fun-filled and exciting journey full of new adventures!

The Butterfly Tree

By Kelly Harrison Spining

Three trees sat upon a grassy hill, two tall and strong, one small and frail. As the gentle breezes of spring blew one day, a beautiful butterfly floated by looking for a new home. What happened next would create a lifelong friendship between two unlikely creations of nature. Inspired by the writer’s experience of seeing the beauty of a tree covered in butterflies, The Butterfly Tree conveys a timeless message of love and acceptance.

The Krayon Kids Krayanimals

By Karen Márquez Morales

As the Krayon Kids were celebrating their hard work of creating a clean, beautiful, and healthy environment on Earth, they suddenly heard mysterious noises and cries for help coming from the Krayon box and nearby trees. Follow the Krayon Kids on another exciting adventure as they search for solutions to help their new friends, the Krayanimals, escape endangerment and extinction.

The Magical Flower

By Katerina Bernius

Katerina, Keira, and Erin are best friends who planted flowers together in the spring. One seed started to glow, and they figured it must be a magical flower! But when it dies in the winter, the friends don’t have any more flowers to play with. Will their flower friends come back next spring?

The Princess Puppy

By Kristin Sponaugle

Princess Julia and Princess Jenna live happily with their royal family in the Land of Enchanted Forests—a land where no puppies exist. When the princess sisters stumble upon a puppy in the forest, they quickly learn about the joys, adventures, and responsibilities of having a puppy. Follow along as they discover what it means to have someone new in their royal family.

The Sasquatch Before Christmas

By Nathan Lee

‘Twas the night before Christmas,
When all through the wood,
A creature was stirring—
One misunderstood.

This richly-illustrated, darkly funny book takes a classic holiday poem in a new direction and answers the age-old question, “Does Sasquatch celebrate Christmas?”

The answer may surprise you.

The Survivor

By Nia-Olivia Fowler

Life can be filled with surprises: good ones and bad ones. This thrilling story is about how a courageous little bird survived a tragedy that left him cold, hungry, and homeless. How could a little bird survive against all odds? Find out what makes a true survivor.

The Watermelon

By Orsolya Varga

Eva is six years old and loves everything red. So, when her mom brings in a green watermelon from the garden, Eva wants nothing to do with it. Oh, if she only knew what was hiding inside!

In this tale, Eva learns some lessons from an unexpected friend, including not to judge by appearance and to remain open-minded and open-hearted toward everyone.

Tiny Tunnels

By Corinne Luck

Worms digging tunnels 
Small and unseen
Get trapped in a world
They’d rather not be.

Up North Bears: True Michigan Stories

By Suzanne M. Malpass

Black bears roam freely throughout the wooded areas of northern Michigan. Their numbers have increased greatly in recent years. This book tells of encounters between bears and bees, a bear and a deer, as well as between bears and humans.

What Can Hayes Be?

By Kayce Smith

He could be a ninja doing high kicks!
He could be a magician with lots of tricks!
He could be a hypnotist with a powerful gaze!
He’s the one, the only, legendary Hayes!

What could you be if you had no limits? Jump into the imaginative world of one fiery six-year-old with an extra something special—a leg of steel! From one adventure to the next, join him in discovering that what makes us different is what makes us special.

When You See a Bluebird

By Mary Veroxie Heater

When You See a Bluebird reminds us that even though we may have a loved one pass away, they are always with us, but in other forms. They may come to visit us as a butterfly, the wind, as a song, through a rainbow or, of course, a bluebird. Through rhyme and repetition, this comforting story will help young readers cope with the loss of a loved one. The story is told through the eyes of a mother of a little girl who has passed, and is derived from the author’s own experiences losing her mother, father, and sister during her adolescent years.

Why Didn’t the Chicken Cross the Road?

By Paul Schwartz

Chicken wants to cross the road. His friends on the other side eat popsicles for lunch, play Duck Duck Goose and invite him to join the fun. But Chicken’s fears hold him back, fears that are magnified by his parents, who screech and cluck their warnings about the hazards of crossing. Will Chicken overcome his fears? In the end, his pluck and ingenuity take the story to a smart and satisfying free-range conclusion.

Your Shoes Do Not Fit Me

By Matthew E. Bass

Your Shoes Do Not Fit Me is a simple, rhyming children’s book sponsored by the Virginia Diversity Foundation that addresses the complicated and constantly evolving issue of diversity in terms children can understand. Author Matt Bass observes everyday differences – from hair and eye color, to favorite seasons, to the way that we talk – that artist Danny Mitchell brings to life with warm, soft, friendly illustrations, to make the point that it’s okay to be different. In fact, as the book concludes, being different is what makes us ALL special and great!

Coffee Table Books

The Life of Dolls

By Debra Shawn Daubenspeck

The Life of Dolls began as a way for Debra Shawn Daubenspeck to manage the emotional challenges she experienced after being diagnosed and treated for cancer. Playing with her dolls transported Debra back to her childhood when things were simple and life was stress-free and served as a therapeutic tool as she recovered. In this book, you will find over thirty-five original photographs of dolls in everyday scenes, staged and photographed by Debra. She hopes it will bring you the same joy and take you back to more nostalgic days.

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