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How To Create A Successful Crowdfunding Campaign

By Emily Evans-Miller
With Contributions by Kate McDaniel and Jess Cohn

Crowdfunding has been a game changer in the world of hybrid publishing. Where the cost of production and printing may have once been prohibitive, now anyone can help fund a project they are excited to see come to fruition. There are many platforms you can use to crowdfund a project. While Kickstarter and GoFundMe are two of the most well-known options, be sure to do your research for what will fit your project and goals the best. Other platforms include Patreon, Indiegogo, and GoGetFunding.

Is your New Year’s resolution to finish up that manuscript you’ve been sitting on? When looking at hybrid or self publishing solutions, the importance of having a means of funding your dream cannot be overstated. Having some help along the way is one smart strategy for the new year. Two of our Acquisitions editors, Kate and Jess, are crowdfunding experts. They’re sharing their best tips and tricks below to help you launch a successful campaign.

Kate McDaniel, Senior Acquisitions Editor

  • Be as visual as possible. The better the page looks, the more likely readers will be to donate. Include your book’s cover, illustrations, and photos when you receive the book.
  • Be transparent. Break down costs clearly so that readers can see what their money is funding.
  • Be thoughtful in setting your goals. Make some of your goals reasonable to obtain. That shows progress. But don’t be afraid to reach for the stars either!
  • Use reward levels to your advantage. Create unique and enticing reward levels that give your backers something in return for their donation. For example, a free set of bookmarks, an advance copy of the book if they donate by a certain date, a signed copy, and so on.
  • Be yourself! Add character and charm to your content, backers will find campaigns with personality more enticing than a drab one.
  • Add a video. Videos, if well-executed, can be a great addition and make your campaign stand out.

Jess Cohn, Acquisitions Editor

  • Be real with your audience. Tell them what you struggle with, what’s completed vs. what’s not. It’s never fun for a backer to expected a finished product right after the end of the Kickstarter if it’s not finished yet.
  • Keep backers updated. Try to post every other day so backers know you’re keeping them in the loop. If something arises that may affect the timeline or your backers, let them know. Give them a specific timeline and keep as close to it as you can, but things can evolve quicklylike a new publishing opportunity arising. And that’s okay! Backers will want a beautiful, finished product a little late rather than a half-finished one on time.
  • Give them a plan. If you have a publishing company or printer you’re working with, let the backers know! If possible, mention specifics (like the book will be published with Mascot Books after the Kickstarter funds) so backers know their money will be put to good use. They’ll see you have a plan in place, rather than only an idea.

No matter which avenue of funding you intend to pursue, we wish you all the luck in the world on your journey!

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