Mascot Books Announces April 2017 New Releases!


  SPACESHIP THROUGH THE STARS by Kate Morse After her son lost his best friend at the age of five, Kate Morse collected his conversations and thoughts as he mourned. Told through his eyes, Spaceship Through the Stars offers wisdom and guidance from the mouth of a child for anyone, at all ages, in their time of grief. DE MANO A MANO Y DEL CAMPO AL PLATO/FROM HAND TO HAND AND FROM FIELD TO FORK by East Coast Migrant Head Start Project Follow the journey of a cucumber from the farmer’s field all the way to your dinner plate and meet all the hands who help it along. Complete with additional activities in Spanish and English, From Hand to Hand and From Field to Fork educates on where our fresh fruits and vegetables come from. MYLUV’S SPECIAL HAIR By Nyoki Harrison A beautiful story about being true to your identity and not being afraid to show who you are. A young girl overcomes the apprehension that goes along with showcasing confidence. This story is a wonderful lesson for anyone, at any age. THE PONY WITH MANY COLORS by Rachel Call Scarlet wants a best friend to call her own, but all the ponies at her school make fun of her for her hair of many colors. But when a new family moves into the neigh-borhood, Scarlet thinks this might be her chance to make the best friend she’s wanted for so long! CAREFREE, LIKE ME! by Rashad Malik Davis What happens when two best friends Amir and Neena get bored? They travel to another dimension, of course! Get ready for an adventure through the Land of Spirit that you’ll never forget! GRANDPA HAS LOST HIS MARBLES! by Sienna and Candace Cowing When CiCi’s Grandpa goes on vacation around the world, he does some pretty crazy things! Running with bulls, biking in Paris, and hitting the hay in New York?! Is there even hay there? Find out with CiCi and get ready to have your socks knocked off by this silly collection of postcards and emails from a globe-trotting grandpa. WHEN THE LITTLE ENGINE COULDN’T by Ilan Salzberg, Carmiella Salzberg, and Katie Olson What happens when the train can’t delivery good food and toys to the children? Find out as the children’s story is told through beautiful collagraph printmaking. WAKE UP, WALTER! by Patrick Russell What’s a family to do with a boy who just won’t wake up? Walter Welton was sound asleep Even fireworks couldn’t open his eyes a peep. Parents, teachers, and doctors try and they try But no matter what, he won’t bat an eye. But when everything else falls flat It’s up to little sister Dot to prove that Some of the biggest puzzles of them all Are solved by those so very small! HONEY BEE CHARLI by Melissa Wilbanks Come along with Charli, a young honey bee, as she ventures out of the hive for the first time. Share her adventure-filled day, learn about the busy life of a honey bee, and find out the important lesson she learns! SAM’S WISH by Adrienne D. Smith What happens when a small boy wishes on a star? Sam finds joy in his simple abilities, while his brothers would rather crush bricks or bust boulders. But there is one thing Sam wants more than anything in the world… Regardless of who you are, whether you’re BIG or small, we are all special in some way. FIST BUMPS by Jaime Windle Giving a fist bump is a lot of fun! Follow along and learn how to give a fist bump with a twist in this “brother” book to Blowing Kisses. BIG AL, BIG AL, WHAT DO YOU SEE? by Missy Richey & 2nd and 3rd graders at The Capitol School Join Big Al as he experiences an Alabama football game! What will he see? P IS FOR PELICAN: THE ABCS OF PENSACOLA by Anna Whibbs Theriault Go on a trip to Pensacola, Florida, with P is for Pelican: The ABcs of Pensacola. You’ll learn all about one of Florida’s beautiful coastal communities while learning your ABCs, too! From sand castles and dolphins to Five Flags Speedway, this books offers fun for young readers. MY INCREDIBLE TALKING BODY by Rebecca Bowen My Incredible Talking Body: Learning to Be Calm helps children learn to recognize the signals of their various emotions so that they can be mindful of their reactions. A learning guide is included to help parents engage in meaningful conversation with their children. OTTER JOE PETE FINDS A HOME By Susan Diamond Have you ever had a pet? What about a best friend? This is the story of how a little boy met a very special pet who became his best friend. AIDA BROWN FINDS HER CROWN By Damyionne Brown When Aida discovers that all her friends have their own special crowns, she worries she’ll never have her own. She doesn’t have a mane like the lion or spots like the giraffes, so what makes her special? Does she have her own crown? WORTHINESS By Susan Drayton Seth is a dragon. He’s also a worrier. One day, when he’s the most worried he’s ever been, he travels to a forest to clear his head. When he arrives, Seth meets a group of fairies who teach him how to rid himself of worry and become confident in his own skin . . . but the answer isn’t as simple as Seth might have hoped. With its colorful illustrations, children and parents alike will enjoy this story and the important lesson it shares. THE DISOBEDIENT DALMATIAN by Heather Phillips When Dango sees, smells, or hears something interesting, he goes after it. Even when everyone tells him no, he never listens. But when he has a close call, Dango realizes he might need to listen to others after all. TRUFFLES IN PARADISE By Kim Roff When Truffles the cat journeys to Paradise, it isn’t quite as she expected. Monstrous creatures and storms abound. Can she find her friends in this strange new place? Can she learn to overcome her fear? ANYTHING UNDER THE SUN By Meghan Wilkens When you grow up, what will you be?A gardener, a writer, or even a pilot? The possibilities are endless because you can be Anything Under the Sun! BLACKY: A STORY OF CONFIDENCE by Terrence Terrell For as long as he can remember, Skyler has felt like he doesn’t fit in. He looks different than his siblings and the other kids at school, who make fun of him and don’t want to be his friend. But after a little help and support from a friend, Skyler realizes his own worth and how special he truly is. In Blacky: A Story of Confidence, readers will learn important lessons about confidence and love.


REMEMBERING MY SELF: PRIEST, PHILOSOPHER, HUMAN BEING by Edmund F. Byrne In this honest memoir, Edmund F. Byrne tell his story of how he left the priesthood and transitioned into a successful career as an academic. Along the way, he tells of the problems he encountered in the religious and then the secular world. Enhancing the story are a collection of poems by the author and other writings by him or about his work. UNTIL IT WASN’T By Sharon Neff Until It Wasn’t is a memoir of great love, loss, and strength. Sharon Neff documents the journey through her husband’s cancer battle while demonstrating the emotional fortitude that carries us all through painful times. PARENT’S GUIDE TO IPHONE AND IPAD by Andrew Gertig and Andrew Weiler Learn how to do tasks such as keeping your children from deleting your apps, approving purchases on your child’s device, and using your own phone to keep track of where your children are. With easy-to-follow screenshots and walkthroughs for these tasks and more, Parent’s Guide to iPhone and iPad is a simple and intuitive resource for protection-minded parents. LEAVING SOUTH DAKOTA: A MEMOIR OF A JEWISH FEMINIST ACADEMIC by Beryl A. Radin Leaving South Dakota is the tale of Beryl Radin and her experience growing up as a first generation Jewish American in the Midwest. From her small Jewish community of Aberdeen, South Dakota, to her career as a successful academic and professor in and out of Washington D.C., Radin weaves together the threads of a life composed by fragments of feminism, civil rights, Americanization, and activism. Spanning eight decades, Radin’s memoir offers a vision of the twentieth century through the lens of a woman defined by multiple identities attempting to define her place in a shifting world. ROOS, RABBITS, AND RUGBY LEAGUE: HOW AN AMERICAN BECAME AN AUSTRALIAN BUNNY RABBIT by Jared Schnabl In the United States of America, the sport of rugby is relatively unknown. while in Australia it is somewhere between a national obsession and a religion. But this vast distance means nothing to American Jared Schnabl, who fell in love with the South Sydney Rabbitohs, their fans, the game, and the culture. In Roos, Rabbits, and Rugby, Jared shares tales of his adventures in Sydney, all the amazing fans, and how he became a proud, Australian bunny rabbit. THE NEED TO BE NEEDED: STORIES, LEARNINGS, AND POETIC EXPRESSIONS by Julius Lanoil An honest and enjoyable trip through the life of a flawed, rebellious, outrageous, and insightful psychotherapist. Each vignette from Julius Lanoil’s life as community builder and consultant is followed by a reflective poem that will inform, stimulate, and not disappoint.  

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