New Releases for July 2017!

A new month means new releases. From fiction, to coloring, to children’s books, check out your new favorite read for the summer!


Seeds of Anarchy: Crime of Indifference by H. H. Charles
Chris Knight lost his wife and five-year-old-son in a mass shooting. They were innocent victims, and Chris isn’t sure how he can go on. After grieving in solitude for months, he returns to work as an attorney with only one goal: finding out why the government refuses to control the presence of guns in America.
With the help of a counselor who specializes in the effects of gun violence, Chris decides to take matters into his own hands. But when the wrong people get wind of his plans, things get deadly.
Set in the modern political battlefield of gun control, Seeds of Anarchy explores personal tragedy, political activism, and corruption within the war over American values and the Second Amendment.
You, The Jury I by H. H. Charles
Bryan Hazzard was one of the most eligible bachelors in town who might have made a terrible mistake. He threw a Christmas Eve bash that Patti Carter shouldn’t have been able to attend. She was only sixteen-years-old, and Bryan claims his friends checked IDs. While at the party, she drank heavily and talked with Bryan throughout the night. She eventually left to visit her boyfriend, but her frozen body was found outside the next morning.
Bryan claims that he left before Patti. The prosecution says Bryan is at fault. Will Bryan suffer the consequences for Patti’s death or will he be found not guilty? The jury will need to deliberate…
Told from the jurors’ perspective, You, the Jury is a riveting story that will hook readers from its first pages.
Seven Threads by Jason Atkinson In this collection of seven short stories from Jason Atkinson, follow a man accused of murder, a runaway girl on a train, a scientist at the heart of a government conspiracy, and more! Full of twists and turns, Seven Threads offers a selection of fast-paced stories full of heart and excitement. Bewilderments of the Eyes by Theresa Sopko Quinn suffers from deep depression, so when her friends propose a spontaneous road trip, will she be able to find herself and a reason to get out of bed each morning?


St. Louis Cardinals A to Z by Ann Lambert Good St. Louis Cardinals A to Z is a sports encyclopedia that takes readers all the way from A to Z. Giving readers statistics, facts, and stories about the team, St. Louis Cardinals A to Z is the perfect guide for even the biggest Cardinals fan.

Comics and Graphic Novels

Real Men Don’t Use Coupons by E.M. Carr Real Men Don’t Use Coupons is a tongue in cheek look in defense of real men who seem to be a dying breed in today’s world. Told through humorous comics, read along and find out what it takes to be a “real man.” My Head, My Heart, My Hooha by E.M. Carr Most of Us Know Someone Touched by Breast Cancer. A little known fact however, is the that after making the sacrifice to remove their breasts to save their lives, thousands of women each year are left unable to afford the expensive reconstructive surgeries desired to help return to a normal life. The result for many is a lack of self-esteem and enduring depression…an awful place for a woman who has already faced a life-or-death health issue. Hopefully through a bit of laughter and a lighthearted approach, we can raise awareness for a great cause and make a real difference. Our Charity Partner Research, education, and awareness of breast cancer is covered by many organizations across America. We have chosen to partner with a unique grassroots charity to give back. My Hope Chest is the ONLY national 501(c)(3) organization providing breast reconstruction for uninsured and underinsured survivors. Their mission picks up where all others leave off, providing the final step in breast cancer treatment. Every woman who desires to, should have the opportunity to feel whole again in body, mind, and spirit.  

Adult Coloring

Color Harmon County Forward by Blake Almaguer This collection of adult coloring pages from artist Blake Almaguer showcase the culture and community in his native Harmon County, Oklahoma. Proceeds go to the support of Harmon County Forward, a group working toward a better community in Harmon County.

Children’s Chapter Books

Fire Fairies by Margaret Bicio Schwoch
When a family vacations to Monhegan Island, they stumble upon an adventure that brings them closer together.
by Ellen Gaines Inspired by Henry David Thoreau’s A Week on the Concord and Merrimack Rivers, Elliott Clinton Rat and his daredevil brother Bew set out on a raft to seek a simpler life… Simplify, simplify, simplify… Along the way, they meet a host of memorable characters and have adventures that lead them to the river’s end.

Children’s Books

There’s a Bully in My Brain by Kristin O’Rourke Justin constantly feels worried and afraid to try new things until he realizes that a bully is living in his brain! He has the choice to allow his bully to continue to scare him, or finally stand up to it and face his fears. Written by a licensed clinical social worker and child therapist with over 15 years of experience supporting children with anxiety disorders, There’s a Bully In My Brain helps teach children to recognize warning signs and simple exercises they can use to overcome anxiety. Jasper’s World: Jasper to the Rescue by Sarah Gunn A good friend is worth more than all of the dog biscuits in the world. At least, that’s what Jasper thinks. He and his best friend, Nellie, have the best time together. They run around the farm and go on plenty of adventures. But one night when Nellie goes missing, Jasper realizes this adventure is dangerous. It’s a race against time, and Jasper knows he needs to find his best friend before it’s too late. Will he be able to save the day? The Little Aces, A Golf Story by Rose Ostrow
Julian and Eli are a pair of brothers who love golf! During one of their typical golf games, Julian’s golf ball mysteriously
disappears. Determined not to let it derail their game, Julian and Eli set out on a quest to find the ball. Follow them as they look all over the golf course!
Beato Goes to Indonesia by Sucheta Rawal Beato Goes to Indonesia is a children’s picture book by Sucheta Rawal. Following his adventures in Greenland and Israel, journey with Beato as he leaves his home to explore the world. Next stop, Indonesia! Good Morning, Hornet by Earl Cooper Come join Delaware State University’s mascot, Hornet, as he welcomes freshman to their first day of college. Hornet has a busy day ahead of him! Our Wacky Elementary From A-Z by Dee Savage Help children to discover their ABCs with this wacky, whimsical book from educator Dee Savage. Each page is filled with colorful illustrations of silly schoolyard antics, delighting young readers while building on literary skills. Perfect for read-alouds! The ABCs to Ranching by Patty York Raymond Come along with a mischievous boy on a South Texas ranch as he helps his father with the chores. He comes to appreciate nature and his heritage in this endearing ABC adventure! Lucas the Lion Fights Leukemia by the Butler Student Group Lucas is just an ordinary lion in first grade, but one day he notices that something is wrong. After seeing several doctors, Lucas learns that he is diagnosed with Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia. While cancer is scary even for a lion, Lucas, with the help of his family and friends, realizes that no obstacle in life is too great to overcome. Picasso Loves Shapes by Judiee Lee Follow along with famous artist Pablo Picasso on a tour through the shapes! Along the way, you’ll learn about Picasso’s life, his art, and his passions. Packed to the brim with adorable illustrations and fun activities, Picasso Loves Shapes is perfect for any budding artist! The Adventures of Goose and Moose: Goose and Moose Visit the Beach by Stacey Hill Goose and Moose may not look like it, but they’re brothers. And even though they’re different, they always do their best to help one another and others. One day, on a trip to the beach, they’ll put their skills to the test when they meet a friend in need. Scrappy Goes to College: A Kennesaw State Children’s Book by Brandon Leith Join Scrappy the owl as he prepares for college and finds his home away from home at Kennesaw State University. Scrappy quickly finds himself to be the center of attention in the Owl Nation and becomes the spirit leader for KSU sports. Ellia the Elephant: Outside the Herd by Elli and Evan Stuart Ellia has always wanted to be just like her friends and family, but she doesn’t quite fit in. With the help of a magical fairy, she learns how to be herself and changes her herd forever. Ellia the Elephant: Outside the Herd is a children’s book designed to encourage young readers to be themselves and think outside of the box. The Christmas Tree
by Dave Galehouse In a quiet Christmas tree lot, a lonely tree who is not quite so tall watches all the other trees get chosen from the Christmas tree stall. He patiently waits until his branches are frozen, when he spots a car on the hill. Will he be chosen? Join us on this journey as the last tree gets a chance to shine bright for a visit from a special person on Christmas Eve night.
A Hot Dog Christmas by Lannie Zimmer Christmastime is here, and Oscar couldn’t be more excited! He’s been looking forward to this day and all of the gifts, treats, and family time that come with it. But along the way, he and two family cats, Zita and Lucky, will have to learn lessons about the holiday season. A Christmas Cameo by Peggy D. Under the cloud of the Great Depression, a family in Upper Michigan is preparing for Christmas. Suddenly, little Peggy is struck with appendicitis and must be rushed to the hospital. Will she make it to spend Christmas with her family? Told in rich detail, A Christmas Cameo will warm your family’s heart this holiday season.  

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