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9781631773693Don’t Be Afraid: Living with Lou Gehrig’s Disease and the Power of God, Family, and Friends

By Allan R. Dreibrodt Tuesday evening, Janyce was asleep on the couch and the phone rang. It didn’t even wake her up. It was about 9:30 p.m. and she’d had a rough day. I got up to answer the phone; it was Dr. Patten with my results. As was typical for him, he was very to-the-point. He had thousands of patients all over the world and didn’t have time to socialize. He read the results of each individual test, and they were all negative. That led him to his final conclusion and a diagnosis of ALS.

I asked him what the prognosis was, and he indicated that typically it was six months to five years. My immediate response was, “I’m not typical, and I’ll prove you wrong,” He told me he liked my attitude, and his office would be in contact with us. … Janyce and I have learned to live by the principle, “If it’s meant to be, it will be.” The good Lord has a plan for each of us, and it’s not up to us to question. We live our lives accepting the hand we’re dealt and not questioning why, but accepting it as our role or mission. Learning this lesson wasn’t easy at first, but we have become more attuned to it over time, and it certainly helped us get through my being diagnosed with ALS.


By TheArthur A. Duncan II, Esq. From hustling crack on a corner to practicing law in a courtroom…this is my story! My journey will inspire you! I am living proof that despite your past, your dreams can still come true. This book is a MUST read for parents who want to inspire their children, along with mentors, coaches, teachers, professors, administrators and pastors to share with others. Also judges, parole or probation officers who seek to inspire someone that has some legal issues will reference my story. But most importantly, any ex-con or felon or a person with a criminal record in or out of jail, can read my story and be inspired and will find hope. My story begins as I escape the violence of the crips and bloods street gangs in South Central LA and the abuse of a cocaine addicted stepfather; only to go back to Buffalo, NY and perpetuate both ills by becoming a drug dealer myself. Ironically,I became a part of what victimized my family and me in Los Angeles. I risked it all for material gains and lived life on the edge. I wound up in prison and had to put my life back together. While incarcerated, I found the God in me that I had long buried. After 3 years, I was released back into society and tempted by my old lifestyle; but I chose a different route. Along the way,I encountered many disappointments, ups and downs, and close calls but I succeeded.This is the story of the FELON-ATTORNEY!

Early Chapter

9781631771958The Lives We Lead

By Alexandria Egi

King’s Stand is one of the most exclusive prep schools in the country, but the lives behind these ivy-covered walls are far from perfect. Led by Ms. Hillcrest, a headmistress with a dark secret, the privileged students face difficult families, fear, heartbreak, abandonment, and uncertain futures. Eleventh graders Zoey, Madi, Jenni, and Ashley must each conquer their private troubles, tearing the group apart. Moving past their issues will take friendship, dedication, and self-confidence. If the girls learn more about themselves, their relationships, and the importance of special bonds, they will come out of these battles stronger and ready to move into healthier adulthoods—but can they separate their egos and hurt feelings for their own good?


This month we’re release 3 books from the Health Stories for Kids series, created and written by Brian Wu, PhD.  This series addresses health conditions in an entertaining way and is intended for children from 8-12 years old.

9781631771545Emily’s Best Gift Ever!

By Brian Wu, PhD

Emily is about to be a big sister and she’s really happy with the thought. However, sometimes she starts to wonder: what if the new baby is really loud and cries a lot? What if her parents forget about her because they’re too busy taking care of the new baby? What if her baby sister doesn’t like her?

Can you exchange a baby in the store for another baby?

Read through this heartwarming story about the queries, the doubt and the sheer joy of a girl turned-up big sister.

Knowledge is power, and kids with health conditions deserve to be empowered. The goal of the Health Stories for Kids is to serve as an educational resource that will benefit parents and children alike. The fictional stories include characters who are just like your child, discovering why they are different and learning they can overcome and lead normal lives.

9781631771521Fort Applegate & the Battle of Wounded Knee

By Brian Wu, PhD A ferocious battle is being waged between the Bacteria Gang and the Fort Applegate inside Hewlett’s body! The immune system soldiers need a great commander and great intelligence to take advantage and win over their enemies. In this adventurous story, you’ll find out how the immune system battles and performs its heroic actions against the germs and bacteria that want to enter your body and sicken you. Knowledge is power, and kids with health conditions deserve to be empowered. The goal of the Health Stories for Kids is to serve as an educational resource that will benefit parents and children alike. The fictional stories include characters who are just like your child, discovering why they are different and learning they can overcome and lead normal lives.
9781631771569The Zoo Flu Frenzy By Brian Wu, PhD

Best friends are forever, David and Paul know this very well. They’ve been best friends almost since they were born. Daniel is suddenly sick with influenza and taken to the doctor. Daniel and Paul are explained about this sickness and are taught that there is nothing to be afraid of. However, you got to be cautious when dealing with an infectious illness, and Paul will learn this in the hard way.

Knowledge is power, and kids with health conditions deserve to be empowered. The goal of the Health Stories for Kids is to serve as an educational resource that will benefit parents and children alike. The fictional stories include characters who are just like your child, discovering why they are different and learning they can overcome and lead normal lives.

Children’s Books

9781631772832Blowing Kisses

By Jaime Windle

I know how to blow a kiss. Do you? Follow along and you can blow a special kiss too!

9781631772726Camille’s Itchy Twitchy Eczema

By Candis Butler

Camille is like everyone else at school, only she has Eczema – itchy, twitchy, scratchy Eczema. Team up with Camille and Lisa as they set out to teach their classmates about Camille’s misunderstood skin disorder.

9781631771811Counting with Hook ‘Em

By Sherri Graves Smith

It is never too early to start grooming a Texas fan. And there’s no better way than to let your little one start counting with Hook ’Em!

EmilyandMaxSpyIngredient_AmazonEmily and Max: The Spy Ingredient

By Lauren Rebello

Max and Emily enjoy using their sense of taste and sight to guess what Mom puts in their fruit smoothies. They are pleasantly surprised when they find out there is a SPY ingredient in it. With the help of Max and Emily can you guess what the SPY ingredient is?  
9781631773631Four Pals in a Parade By Angel Tucker This is Book 3 in this series. The focus in this book is on Summer – the Supportive “S” type personality! To find more Four Pals books, go to www.FourPalsFanClub.com or www.personalityprofiles.org.    
9781631772993Ganesh and the Little Mouse By Anjali Joshi The kingdom’s annual around-the-world race is here! Will Ganesh and Little Mouse stand a chance against the other fierce, powerful, and strong competitors? This heartwarming tale of true friendship and love is a modern take on the Hindu classic.
9781631770395Good Morning, Sunshine By Jennifer Szymkowiak “What made the world, Daddy?” “Why, that’s something only you can discover on your own, Sweetheart.” With the Sun as her guild, follow Ruby on her amazing adventure as all the elements of nature conspire to show her the world.
9781631771804Hook ‘Em Teaches the Alphabet By Sherri Graves Smith It is never too early to start grooming a University of Texas fan. And there’s no better way than to let Hook ’Em teach the ABCs University of Texas style!      
9781620869666Let’s Go, North Dakota By Gordon Kushner Follow a family around the campus of the University of North Dakota as they make their way to the big hockey game!        
9781631770524The Magic Zoo By Brian Gryn Sabrina, Tyler, Madisyn, Jake, and Brad love animals and want to see every animal in the zoo. They don’t realize that each animal has a special message for them that will help them become a better person in life now and forever.  
9781631773747Mimi’s Adventures in Baking Gingerbread Men By Alyssa Gangeri Embark on a baking adventure with Mimi where she will measure, mix, and bake her way to the perfect batch of gingerbread men. If Mimi can do it, so can you! Mimi’s Adventures in Baking Gingerbread Men is the third book in the Mimi’s Adventures in Baking series.
9781631770401Mom, Is Santa Real? By Myra Sanders Smith Have you ever wondered how Santa gets presents into your house? How can he go to all those homes in one night? Can you leave just any old kind of cookie for him? Open this book and find out!    
9781631770463The Mystery of the Lost Uniforms By Jerome Jones Abby and Tommy are on another mystery-solving adventure in their small beach town. Today they are on the case to help Coach Hill, the Pismo High School basketball coach. They need to find the team’s uniforms before the back-to-school basketball jam…Can they solve the case? Join in and see if you can solve the case with these two great mystery-solvers.
9781631771736North Pole on the Eve By Brian Ford North Pole on the Eve is a comical look into what the Elves do after Santa leaves for his Christmas Eve journey.  After working for months under a strict holiday deadline, we find that the Elves blow off steam the way anyone else would – celebration and other shenanigans.  
9781631773259A Peacock Among Pigeons By Clarione Gutierrez and Tyler Curry A Peacock Among Pigeons is an LGBT-themed book that tells the tale of learning how to stand out when you can’t fit in. This children’s story teaches the importance of celebrating our differences and learning to love the feathers you live in.
9781631771170Princess Paula and the Magic Birthday Cake By Mary Gnosini Princess Paula has just about everything a little girl could ever want. All she has to do is take out her little magic wand, and poof, anything can be hers! But when Paula finds herself sad and lonely among her many treasures, she sets off on a journey to find true happiness.
9781631772788Swift Walker: A Continental Journey By Verlyn Tarlton Swift Walker loved to walk fast. His sister warned him, “One day, you’ll walk so fast you won’t be able to stop!” Sure enough, his speedy legs took him on a journey across the world. “Wow!” he said. “Amazing!”  
9781631774294The Tales of Alex The Cape Cod Ant: “The Birthday Surprise” By W.M. Burnett ALEX is a delightful young ant who lives on Peters Pond on Cape Cod. In this adventure, ALEX goes searching high and low for his friends who seem to have gone missing! Join ALEX on the search and experience the feelings of being left out — only to learn, like ALEX, you are truly loved!
9781620866825We’ll Call You Mr. Met! By John T. Williams For more than 50 years, Mr. Met, the original Major League Baseball mascot, has thrilled New Yorkers and Mets fans alike. Take a walk through history and learn Mr. Met’s life story, from the early days at the Polo Grounds, to Shea Stadium and the “Miracle Mets,” all the way to Citi Field, where new Mets memories are made every season.              

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