New Releases for April 2018!

Now that it’s April, there are two great things to look forward to: Spring and new releases! What better way to celebrate the new season than with some innovative, delicious cookbooks, fun coloring books, and awesome children’s titles? Check out this month’s batch of new books!  


Farm Girl in the City: Of Food and Love by Bonnie McDaniel Perfect for anyone looking to embrace the natural splendor of garden-to-table dishes, Of Food and Love offers a fresh take on traditional southern cooking. Written with powerful voice and personal insight,Bonnie McDaniel has compiled a brilliant collection of mouthwatering recipes that is sure to leave you hungry for more.  


Martinis and Menopause: Strategies, Science, and Sips that Empower Women to Beat the Hormone Groan by Kelli Jaecks

Are you convinced menopause is making you crazy? Kelli Jaecks is here to tell you that you are not alone, offer you advice on how to overcome the most common symptoms, and share some yummy drink recipes. Martinis & Menopause is for all the women out there entering a new (and exciting!) phase of their lives. Make a tasty cocktail, grab a comfy seat, and learn about what exactly is going on with your body during menopause.

Teens and the Job Game
By Beverly Slomka
Young adults have plenty of stress about the future already. Given today’s job market, your impressive resume or your perfect elevator pitch might not be enough to cut it for your dream job. Join former executive and current senior recruiter Beverly Slomka as she prepares teens for entering the work force. This no-nonsense guide is full of tips, tricks, and advice to form a professional identity, understanding the job-hunt, and in finding the right career path – the first time.

Coloring Book

My ABCs Build Confidence: Always Be Courageous Coloring Book by Lauretha Brown Ward God loves our children and has given a promise for every letter of the alphabet. This companion book to My ABCs Build Confidence allows children to color in the illustrations while learning about their true identity and their potential to be confident, courageous, and victorious as they walk into their God-given purpose and position to serve others.  


The Comanche Kid: War to the Knife by Jonny Durham The Comanche Kid is a lone wolf, a pistolero who roams the Texas territory in search of a relic of his past. But when he drifts in Walker’s Creek, he finds the possibility of a future. When what he holds dear is threatened, the Comanche Kid will prove just what kind of courage it takes to change your life—for good.    


#JustaChicken by Preston Thorne and Langston Moore
 #JustaChicken is a classic coming-of-age story. We witness Cocky on his hero’s journey to discover the greatness that lies within all of us. On his quest to win a trophy, he gains something much more valuable. This is the story of YOU, The Story of ME, The story of US(C)! Let’s Cheer with Big Al
by Tiffany Linn
Let’s Cheer with Big Al is the perfect follow along book for the young Bama fan in your life! Bring Big Al to life as you cheer the Alabama football team on to victory. Roll Tide!

Children’s Books

My Second Year of Kindergarten by Rebecca Eisenberg Is a child you know repeating kindergarten? In My Second Year of Kindergarten, a young boy’s story of progress, support, and triumph can be a source of inspiration to families whose children are repeating kindergarten. This book was designed with a specialized font to assist children that may have reading disabilities.
My ABCs Build Confidence: Always Be Courageous by Lauretha Brown Ward Let God mold and shape your child into one of the King’s Kids by saying His words aloud daily with My ABCs Build Confidence. Just as they learned to recite their ABCs, this book by Lauretha Brown Ward will teach them to see their true identity and their potential to be confident, courageous, and victorious as they walk into their God-given purpose and position to serve others. Adventures with Dolly and Jet: Always By My Side by Jill Robbins
In the first book of the Adventures with Dolly and Jett series, Dolly is eager for her little brother Jett to arrive! When Momma finally brings him home from the hospital, Dolly’s life changes forever. Dolly and Jett do everything together. As they learn, grow, and play, Dolly learns that Jett will always be by her side. Grandfather Elijah: A Civil War Story by Geneva Lindner
Little Jennie knows that her Grandfather Elijah always tells the best stories, and she loves hearing tales of his time during the Great Civil War. It was a very difficult time for her grandfather, for he was captured as a prisoner of war and taken far away from his family. But he never gave up hope. Listen along with Jennie to Elijah’s tale of hope, love, and family in this heartwarming and richly illustrated story.
Pet’a Shows Misun the Light by Jessie Taken Alive- Rencountre
“Why do people do hurtful things to others?” This is the question that Misun is struggling to find an answer to when a mysterious stranger takes him on a life changing journey that will help him understand compassion and realize the ability that all of us have to change the world.

The Amazingly Awesome Amani by Jamiyl and Tracy-Ann Samuels
Amani Taylor is a boy of few words until he falls asleep. When night falls, he becomes AWESOME AMANI—crimefighting superhero and defender of all that is good. Taking on life’s challenges by day and tackling superhero problems by night, there’s nothing Amani can’t do!
Mrs. Johnson and the Ant Attack By Rachel Johnson
Fall is Mrs. Johnson’s favorite season and she is excited to treat her class to some of her special apple dumplings. However, her surprise is ruined by an attack of ants in her classroom! How will Mrs. Johnson and her class be able to get out of this sticky situation?  
The Silent Nightingale by Lamis S. Solaim
While playing at their grandfather’s house, a group of children capture a beautiful bird and build a cage to keep it from flying away. They tried to make the bird happy in its cage, but nothing they do makes the bird sing. Only after listening to their grandpa’s song do they learn how to give the bird true happiness!
The Supplies of Room Nine Learn to Shine by Jessie Lewis All of the art supplies in Room Nine are looking forward to another great school day! That is, all of them except Red Hot Scissors and Gilly Glue. Neither one of them see how they can make art with the rest of the supplies. Can the other supplies help these two discover their own special abilities and shine? Room in Your Heart Kunzang Choden “Neypo shong gna? Is there room for me?” a wandering monk asks the old lady who lives on the hill. The question is repeated again and again as more and more visitors arrive. The kind lady welcomes them in one by one. But how will they all fit in her tiny little house?
Nittany Lion Has the Hiccups by Denise Kaminsky Follow Nittany Lion as he tries to rid himself of those pesky hiccups. Follow along as he takes suggestions from some of his friends and find out which one finally works! Sedwick the Seagull by Dawn Marie Thompson Sedwick is feeling bad about herself and the things she cannot do. With the help of her friends, Eddie the Eagle and Lonnie the Loon, she soon discovers that she, too, has something good in which she can use to help others. The Adventures of Kermit the Newf: Dog Tales by Molly Tischler The Adventures of Kermit the Newf follows therapy dog Kermit as he works hard at his job. In Book One: Dog Tales, we find out how Kermit helps a little boy at the library overcome his fear. Tyler and Lucy are the Best of Friends
by Alicia Arso-DiStefano
Tyler and his dog Lucy are the best of friends. They play together, they eat together, and they even get into trouble together! Join Tyler and Lucy in this heartwarming tale of the special bond between a little baby and his dog.
By Ann Carpentiere
Peyton loves her mommy, especially when her mommy takes her to museums or plays with her in the park. She loves her mommy so much that she wishes that they could spend all of their time together. But, in order to buy things that Peyton needs, such as food, new clothes, and toys, her mommy has to go to work. Even though they have to spend some time apart when her mommy is at work, Peyton knows that her mommy loves her. Peyton’s mommy always comes home as soon as she can to spend time with Peyton and their family.
Where Do You Want to Go? by Matt Scott
As part of the Find Something Awesome series, Level 5 will help kids learn how to refuel themselves through loving their world to imagine and achieve their goals!
by Matt Scott
A GREAT gift for a loved one to show them they are truly loved and what that truly means! This companion book to Matt Scott’s FIND SOMETHING AWESOME series teaches kids how to use the power of their brains to be confident that they are loved and accomplish any goal they want to achieve. A Salute to Our Heroes: The U.S. Marines by Brandon Barnett A Salute to Our Heroes: The U.S. Marines has skillfully captured the essence of more than 200 years of Marine Corps history, along with the Corps’ core values of honor, courage and commitment, in a way that will keep a child’s attention from cover to cover. The hardback book is written in a delightful rhyming cadence with Chesty the Bulldog, the Corps’ mascot, giving a fun-filled, exuberant account of life as a Marine. Chesty begins his narrative on the yellow footprints of a U.S. Marine Corps Recruit Depot, where every recruit’s journey begins: “Marines first go to boot camp, where drill instructors are loud. If they pass, they become one of the few and proud.” Beautifully simplistic in its rhetoric, the book covers the basics of marksmanship and physical training, along with touching upon the ways a Marine can attack by land, air or sea. It even acknowledges the heartbreaking truth that sometimes a Marine has to leave family and friends behind in order to protect and defend America’s interests abroad. The illustrations by Rebecca Wochner give the book added appeal by featuring Chesty in a multitude of military scenarios that easily capture and stimulate the imagination of young and old alike.

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