New Releases for September!

Happy September! To celebrate the coming of fall, check out our new titles below. This month, we’ve got a parenting book written by a former Miss Ohio, sports books to get you pumped for the upcoming Football and Basketball seasons (including one by Cavs player JR Smith and former Knicks player Chris Smith!), and books to empower the young girl in your life.   Self Help No Crown Required By Susan Kay Wyatt The Miss America pageant perpetuates comparison between women and an unrealistic expectation of perfection in a beauty-obsessed, high-definition world. A former contestant, Susan Kay Wyatt … read more

Illustrator Spotlight: Chiara Civati

By Emily Evans-Miller   Here at Mascot, we think it’s high time to recognize the unsung heroes of the publishing community: illustrators and editors. We have an extensive network of freelance professionals who do fantastic work for us and our authors. This month, our featured freelance publishing professional is illustrator Chiara Civati! Chiara is one of our most-requested artists and has worked with Mascot on thirty-one books so far. Our blog editor, Emily, asked Chiara a few questions to learn more about her illustration process. How did you begin illustrating books? What made you decide to pursue this as … read more

School Pride: Team Mascot’s Favorite Football Titles

By Kaleigh Shank Here at Mascot Books, we take our sports—and their Mascots—very seriously. With the 2018 college football season starting soon, we asked our staff what their favorite college books are!   Naren Aryal Virginia Tech Our CEO can’t pick just one team! 50 Best College Football Teams of All Time is at the top of Naren’s list because it captures everything that makes college football so great. Follow the history of the sport from 1906 to 2013 and learn about the players, coaches, and offenses that changed the game.   Kristin Perry University of Virgina … read more

Boost Your Author Platform with These Easy Social Media Tips

By: Emily Evans-Miller Contributing Writer: Mariya Khan   Managing social media accounts for your newly published book may seem daunting, but have no fear! Mascot Books is here to help you develop a successful author platform so your book can reach thousands of potential readers all over the world. Create Your Brand and Know Your Audience Knowing your brand and audience will make it easier to figure out what you want to share on social media. Maybe you want to be known as a vegan chef whose cookbook and social media posts speak to vegan millenials and their families. Or … read more

New Releases for August!

Happy Release Day! As Summer break comes to a close this month, Mascot Books is ready to get you in gear for back to school season. This month we’ve got a Vietnam War Memoir, new additions to some of our most popular children’s series, and plenty collegiate titles just in time for football season. Check them out: Memoir Walking A&P: A Vietnam War Memoir By Karol Nielsen Her father was part of the 101st Airborne Division during the Vietnam War. Now, 40 years later, Karol travels to Vietnam to retrace her father’s footsteps. This is a touching, and inspirational … read more

August 2018 Featured Title: The Amazingly Awesome Amani

Every month we feature a new release that we think really shines. This month’s featured title is The Amazingly Awesome Amani by Jamiyl and Tracy-Ann Samuels! Why We Love It: The Amazingly Awesome Amani is a powerful book with a life-changing message. Jamiyl and Tracy-Ann took the story of their own son who has autism and created a narrative that builds understanding and champions confidence. We are proud to be a part of Amani’s journey and to help spread awareness and eradicate stigma. From helping children learn to accept what makes someone different to helping children understand there … read more

Writing is Hard! How We Stay Motivated When the Going Gets Tough

By: Emily Evans-Miller Contributing Writer: Cecilia Zugel   Here at Mascot Books, we love helping writers achieve their dreams! From first draft to finished book, we work with our authors every step of the process to make sure that their book is the best it can be. It shouldn’t surprise you that we’re experienced in all aspects of publishing, but did you know that some of our staff are authors and writers themselves? This week, we talked to several of our team members to find out their tips for staying motivated when writer’s block hits. Michelle Webber, Senior Marketingread more

Five Summer Reads You Won’t Want to Miss

By Emily Evans-Miller Going on vacation? Take a Mascot book with you! Keep reading for some of our funny, compact, and insightful reads, perfect for your trip to the beach.   By Denise Messineo Why We Love It: When we go on vacation, that last thing we want to think about is work! Though these tales are set in the office, nothing can prepare you for the debauchery ahead. This collection of short, totally true tales is perfect for reading on the go. About the Book: After four decades as an HR executive in corporate America, Denise … read more

July 2018 Featured Title: WOWsdom! The Girl’s Guide to the Positive and the Possible

Every month we’ll be featuring a new release that we think really shines. This month’s featured title is  by Donna Orender! Why We Love It: We believe books are a mechanism for change, and WOWsdom! is going to do just that. Former WNBA president and PGA Tour executive Donna Ordender and her team at Generation WOW have brought together a powerhouse list of contributors—women, girls,and men from all walks of life—to share their hard-earned knowledge, hopes for the future, and advice for the leaders of tomorrow. We know positivity and mentorship are powerful engines for change, and we are … read more

What’s New at Mascot Books

Mascot Books has changed quite a bit in the last year. While our core goals of producing high quality books, supporting our authors, and engaging with the book community are the same, we’ve revamped some key pieces of our operation. We’re excited to share these changes with you!   New Website As you may have noticed, things look a little different here at We’ve spent the last several months renovating our website to showcase more of our upcoming titles and give authors a comprehensive view of the services we offer. As a multi-genre publishing house, we’re proud to produce … read more