Happy St. Patrick’s Day with Laddy O’Luck

In honor of St. Patrick’s Day, it is only appropriate that we give our readers a peek inside the story of Written by Mac Kennedy, a is picture book that imagines the history of Laddy, one of the first leprechauns in all of Ireland. Laddy is in charge of sharing the luck of the leprechauns with the whole world. His story provides a message of hope: if you are down on your luck, Laddy will be there for you. You just have to look for him! Below is the start of his whimsical story. Laddy O’Luck was one of the first ever leprechaunsin all … read more

Children’s Book Featured Title – Snoodles, Kidoodles, Poodles, and Lots and Lots of Noodles

We are excited to feature the soon to be released Snoodles, Kidoodles, Poodles, and Lots and Lots of Noodles this month. Written by Mascot alum and Mom’s Choice Award Winner  and . His work leans on the concepts of crankiness and survival—which were ever-present in his childhood—and the practice of acknowledgment, which he has learned through his zen practiceYou don’t want to miss this one. Stephen’s latest work is delightful, warm, and full of important lessons. Preorder your copy today! read more

Subplot Publishing Feature—Sainted in Error

Subplot (noun): a side story that runs parallel to the main plot. How did the relationship with begin?In September of 2020, I received the submission for ’s opening had me hooked. I wanted to know about the dynamic between Maggie and Cynthia that brought them to this trial and the descriptive sentences painted a vivid picture as I read. Within just ten pages, I knew this was a title we had to publish. Once Subplot became a more concrete imprint, I thought about the fiction titles I brought in recently, and it was no question that read more

March Children’s Book Releases

This March, we’re excited to highlight our new children’s books separately from our adult titles.  From stories about a colorful collection of much-loved socks, to the pandemic through the eyes of a teacher, to spotlighting women in STEM and real estate agents, our March list of titles has a book for every reader.We hope you enjoy this wonderful selection of children’s books and you can find them all in

By Angela DelfTrixie is an energetic girl who loves her fun and colorful sock collection! But is 66 pairs of socks too many? Follow along as Trixie discovers a new way

read more

Shirin Alavi Goodarzi on her new book, The Art of Fearless Living: A Glimpse into My Heart

Shirin Alavi Goodarzi’s book The Art of Fearless Living: A Glimpse into My Heart debuted this week and became one of the top 100 books in lifestyle photography. In honor of the book’s release, Shirin sat down and talked with us about fearless women, inspiration, and how photographs fit into her new book. 1. What motivated you to write a book that empowers strong, complex, and fearless women? This book was inspired by my upbringing. What I went through as a child, growing up during the Iranian revolution and living through two different wars gave me a completely different perspective and a … read more

March Adult Book Releases

This March, we are highlighting our adult book new releases separately from our children’s book releases. Our March adult books range from fearless women to human kindness, and from reducing stress to dating in NYC. Enjoy all of our new adult titles this month!   By Shirin Alavi GoodarziSeasoned women are complex and full of flavor. We are strong but can be vulnerable. We are unique and worthy of celebration. Despite the boxes the world may try to squeeze us in, I know there is so much more to enrich our lives, because I have lived it. This is my call to … read more

Getting to Know Anne C. Scardino, Author of A Tangled Affair

Newly released Subplot title, , will have a feature post in the next few posts! In the meantime, we interviewed Anne C. Scardino on writing the book and have a Q and A with her below.1. What is the inspiration behind A Tangled Affair?My love of mysteries began in childhood, reading Nancy Drew books. As an adult, that passion continued with thrillers by John Grisham and Danielle Steel. This was the main inspiration behind A Tangled Affair. I was also captured by character development—reading and learning about characters: why they did what they did, how things turned out after tragedy hit and, most … read more

February Featured Title: Esperanza y Pecas: Huyendo hacia un bosque mejor

This month’s featured title is Bill Kiley’s Esperanza y Pecas: huyendo hacia un bosque mejor! The Spanish translation of Hope and Freckles: Fleeing to a Better Forestthis book is about a mother deer and her little boy’s search for a better and safe home. When they arrive at a new forest, they face unexpected challenges that will force them apart. Kiley hopes this story will teach readers about the millions of people who face the same difficulties as refugees.We spoke with him about why he decided to write a Spanish version, how his experiences as a police chief impacted the … read more

Guest Post from Glenda Winders on Developing Characters

When I was still teaching college-level writing classes, I never allowed my students to use words such as “beautiful,” “wonderful” or “interesting” that would otherwise have filled their essays. These adjectives are overused, but they are virtually meaningless. A landscape can only be called “beautiful” if people observe it together. A reader wouldn’t know whether it was a desert oasis, a snow-covered mountain or the sun seeming to disappear into the sea. And so it is with characters. Does the “interesting” man have multiple degrees, read widely and play a musical instrument or is he a biker who raises money for … read more

February Book Releases

This February, we’re bringing you children’s books about ocean pollution, memoirs about humorous travels, the first titles from Subplot, and more! Our new imprint of Mascot Books, Subplot Publishing is an independent hybrid publisher focusing on compelling and literary works of fiction. We publish titles with strong voices, intriguing plots, and dynamic characters in the adult fiction setting. All of our titles are hand-picked for this imprint during the submissions process based on theme, marketability, and overall tone.Explore our new titles below to stock up on your reads this winter!Children’s BooksEvelyn’s Wild ImaginationBy Elizabeth GephardtHi there! My name is Evelyn. What’s … read more