May Book Releases

Our May book releases are here! Your stay-at-home reading list just got a little bit longer.Featured Title: The Conscious Marketer: Inspiring a Deeper and More Conscious Brand ExperienceBy Jim JosephThe parameters of what constitutes successful marketing are shifting. In today’s increasingly competitive, global marketplace it is essential for companies and brands to not only understand what consumers are buying, but why they are making those purchases. That is where The Conscious Marketer comes in.It’s one thing to be conscious, but it’s something else entirely to do something impactful with that consciousness. In this expansive guide, Jim Joseph breaks down the … read more

April Feature: Making It Delicious

Our April featured title is Making It Delicious by Chef Jamie Daskalis, a cookbook with an emphasis on Southern food, but with a twist! From fun spins on the classics to indulging your sweet tooth, Chef Jamie’s recipes star simple and fresh ingredients that encourage creativity in the kitchen. We promise you’ll find a new favorite dish within these pages! Chef Jamie Daskalis is a graduate of the Culinary Institute of America with a degree in baking and pastry. She has worked in the restaurant business for more than fifteen years, and was recently awarded Chef of the Year by Grand … read more

April Book Releases

As many of us stay at home this month, it’s time to pick up a great book to read either on your own or with the kiddos! Check out all of our April releases below. Our website and warehouse remain fully operational and ready to ship! April Featured Title: Making It Delicious By Chef Jamie DaskalisMaking It Delicious is a collection of ninety-eight realistic recipes for the everyday home cook. From breakfast, to appetizers, to mains, to sauces, this book is packed with simple, flavorful dishes that are sure to be crowd favorites in your home. The best part? No … read more

How to Host a Live Book Reading or Q&A Session

In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic and social distancing, parents and students everywhere are looking for ways to be entertained, to learn, and to persevere through these difficult times. Due to school closings and event cancellations, many authors are bringing their stories to readers’ homes through live, virtual readings or Q&A sessions. Alysson Foti Borque, author of the Alycat series, recently launched a weekly series: There are many options out there (Instagram Live, YouTubeLive, Google Hangouts, GoToMeeting, etc.) for live readings and Q&A sessions. What platform(s) did you choose for your virtual Q&A sessions, and why? We chose Be.Live because … read more

March Featured Title: Coral’s Quest

“You can avoid plastic by refusing, reusing, reducing, and recycling. Try replacing just one thing that you use all the time that is plastic—like your straw, your cup, or your utensils. Eventually you will do it with many things and it will become a habit that helps the earth.”Our March featured title is Coral’s Quest by 10-year-old Zoë Williams! We chatted with Zoë about ocean conservation, her collaboration with Ocean Ramsey, and her big plans for the future!1. You have been a dedicated advocate for ocean conversation since age 7, helping to organize local beach clean-ups and educating kids andread more

5 Steps to Building a Successful Social Media Book-Marketing Platform

In our recent post on series and Nadine Haruni of the series successfully brand their book series. 2. Build or maintain your audience.Another factor to consider when posting about your book on social media is whether you want to create a new profile specifically for book marketing, or if you want to post book content on your personal social media pages. Both of these options have their pros and cons.While posting to your personal social media pages guarantees a built-in audience, you may not want to bombard your existing followers with book content. Additionally, mixing your personal content with book … read more

March Book Releases

Spring into March with our new book releases! From cookbooks to memoirs, our March book releases have something for every spring reading list. March Featured Title: Coral’s QuestBy Zoë WilliamsCoral’s Quest welcomes us to an underwater world where sharks and ocean life are under constant attack from climate change. This essential and timely book examines the ability of humans to pollute the planet – but also their ability to fix it, too.When Coral mistakenly eats a plastic bag, she has no idea that she is starting a chain of events that will make her into a human and force her to learn … read more

February Featured Title: Chemo Muscles

“We will all encounter difficult things in our life, adversity and trauma.  We never know what life has in store for each of us.  Being resilient means coping the best way you can when life throws you curve balls.  It means figuring out a way to get out of bed by putting one foot in front of the next.  It also means trying to feel gratitude that your situation is not any worse, because you can always find worse.  Resiliency is about mustering our inner strength and resources, and channeling our human spirit.”Our February featured title is Chemo Muscles: Lessonsread more

The Dos and Don’ts of Pitching Your Book to Retailers

Pitching your book to retailers for in-store placement consideration and events is essential for book promotion and sales. To a first-time author, this process can be difficult to navigate. We’ve outlined our dos and don’ts for pitching to retailers below to make things a little easier!Dos:DO know what your retail pitching goals are.Is your goal to secure a book signing and reading event? Do you want the store to carry and sell your book? Do you want both? It is important to know what your goals are before reaching out to retailers. Oftentimes bookstores will have one contact for event … read more

Why the Mascot Books Model Works for Social Media Influencers

It’s a tale as old as time: as an author, it’s always important to have some sort of platform to promote your book. Whether this is a Facebook page geared toward friends and family, or a large Twitter account with thousands of followers, having an audience to post about your book to is a great way to help the title succeed. With social media influencers, that platform is already built in, which can make them a more likely candidate for traditional publishing. However, that route isn’t always what’s best for the influencer in the long run.Influencers like working with us … read more